Monday, May 30, 2022

 Oh my --- what great fun we had at the virtual retreat! We had a great visit with Jenny from Australia, where it's winter! But not like our winter. And there was the usual gang of misfits! OK - maybe I was the only misfit? No, I don't think so. I love that we all get along and have some wonderful conversations, and we learn so much from each other. 

The conversations are entertaining, and you can just listen, especially when you have an ugly job to do. Before I went to retreat last week, I had an issue with a customer quilt. There was an open seam, and the long arm did NOT like that. I didn't realize the pattern had been bumped out of position as a result, so about four feet of quilting had to be ripped out. I've been putting that job off -- well, I was away, so I couldn't fix it. I decided that I needed to get that fixed to get the quilt off the machine and work on others. 

I did not unload the quilt but loosened it considerably and got an extra light so I could see and a chair. It is back-breaking work to rip out something, and it takes hours. Let's just say that the tension on those stitches was perfect, and the thread was an exact match to the back, so it was hard to rip out. Yes -- it was a customer issue, but it was also my fault for not checking and resetting the pattern after the problem happened. 

Ripping out some stitches

I love Zoom because I transported the laptop to the longarm, and I could still listen and participate in the conversation! 

I'm happy to report that the quilt is back in the proper position, and I should be able to finish that off later this afternoon and get the next one loaded. Next time -- DO NOT be in such a hurry that you forget about things like checking the pattern after an interruption. GRRR!!

The quilt is ready to be finished

OK -- so let's revisit the second flannel quilt that I have to work on. My original plan was to make FOUR panels -- the same panel in the center of the snowman quilt, and I laid out what I had already done and realized that that would make the quilt HUGE. 

Sections of a flannel quilt

Then I decided to do the math. 14 squares across the top by 2½" finished gives me a width of 35 inches. If I double that -- it's 70 inches. That's too wide for a lap quilt, so I can't make four panels and be done with it. It's a good thing I laid it out and paid attention to what I was doing. So instead, I'll make a second panel (I still have to fix that star) which will go on the bottom. I'll add one extra row of squares to that panel to give me a length of 72½". Then, I'll add 10 squares from top to bottom on the right-hand side, making a quilt of 60 by 72½" or less. I thought the squares were 2" finished, not 2½". DUH!!!! 

I went back to my inventory of flannel squares and decided that I only needed to cut about 80 squares, not hundreds, to make that happen. Yeah!!!

I put all that flannel away, except for the blue, which I need to cut. And this is the cutting table this morning. 

The cutting table

Since I spent so much time ripping out that quilting, I didn't get a lot done - not at least what I can show you now. Oh shoot -- I'll show you what I did yesterday. Anyway -- I'll keep plugging away at the things on the cutting table, and I will get it all done! Slow and steady. 

I have a TON of e-mails to go through, and I'm not sure if the contact page works on my blog, but should you ever need to get in touch with me, my e-mail is  -- super simple. 

So what else did I get done yesterday? One more section of the chunk of the month is DONE! This was the one that I started at the retreat and then couldn't proceed because I didn't know the direction in which to press the seams, and I ran out of cut triangles. 

Section 4 of the Chunk of the Month

All is good, and all the seams are twirled on the back. 

The back with twirled seams

There are four of the nine sections that need to be sewn. Yes -- that will be a very orange quilt. 

The chunk of the month quilt so far

I've prepped section 5, and I might just continue to sew it, especially on Monday Sewing. Otherwise, I have embroidery and quilting to do when I'm on my own, and I'll see how it goes. There's also a lot of trimming on that cutting table, and I should get it done. 

I went out through that new exit in the mall the other day. It's a massive wide hallway on the side of the mall with absolutely nothing in it but a set of washrooms. There was supposed to be a movie theatre, but then the pandemic hit, and I've no idea what they are going to do in the renovated section. 

The new exit at the mall

This is what it looks like from the outside. That extended area just under the ball is that long, empty hallway. All that dirt area used to be part of the mall, and they demolished it. 

Potential green space at the mall?

The other day, I was at a different grocery store than my usual one, and I had a look at the carts. Yep -- they have cup holders as well. I was discreetly trying to take a picture, but the cart person was eyeing me suspiciously. I think he was trying to round up the carts, and I was taking pictures!

Cup holder in the grocery cart

Here's something else which drives me crazy at the grocery store. They have some quilting magazines, not many, as there aren't that many anymore. But they are on the BOTTOM shelf and often tucked up, so you literally have to get on your hands and knees to see them. Not something you want to do in a grocery store, especially since the magazine rack is near the entrance, where there is a lot of foot traffic. 

Quilt magazines are on the bottom shelf

I guess there are not many quilters who hit the grocery store. I get it that something has to go on the bottom shelf, but make it kids' stuff, as they are perfectly able to get up and down easily!

I have a TON of e-mail to respond to and a bit of homework to send out, and I'll be doing that this afternoon. But nothing on the calendar until June 12!!! I dare not fritter one second of that away as there are some seriously overdue things that need to be addressed. 

Well, it's ridiculous o'clock for most of you, but I'm now off to spin class at the gym. I'll edit this when I get back so it can get posted on time! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Love your chunk of the month project. Could you please direct me to the pattern source.