Tuesday, May 3, 2022

It's all about the LEGO

I'm happy to report that one more writing assignment went out the door! Bye-bye! I made good progress on one homework assignment last night and hope to get that out the door this morning. Then one more to do later today. Then all the urgent stuff is gone. Although I have another major writing assignment to start next week. 

I did have a pretty free day today, but now I have meetings all afternoon, so I may have to work into the evening again! Sigh............

Then I have 6 articles that need to be written, and I NEED to schedule one a week to get them off my plate. That would be an incredible feeling. 

OH BOY -- -it's exciting outside my window. The robins are back in the tree on the right outside my window, building their nest. Since last week, I haven't seen the cardinals, so I'm not sure what's going on there. They could be neighbors, but maybe the robins and cardinals don't get along well. 

Yesterday was Monday sewing, and I never seem to be productive on those Zoom calls, but that's OK. I enjoy the chit-chat. I got the binding completed on the polar bear quilt, which is now ready to go out the door. Yeah -- a FINISHED quilt for me this year. I haven't completed too many projects, but each one is progress. It's a flannel quilt with a flannel binding that seems to take longer than regular cotton. 

Sewing the binding on the polar bear quilt

The binding is on

During our Monday sewing, we always have our Show and Tell. When I started the Show and Tell sometime last year, I started out with showing a sewing machine of some kind. There are all kinds of sewing machine pictures on the internet, and some I find, and some, the others provide photos or links. It's always good for a laugh and enjoyable to see what others come up with. 

Yesterday someone shared a link to a LEGO site where someone had built an Arts and Quilt shop from Lego. It's absolutely stunning, and I'm going to share it with you. You can see all 14 pictures of the house (inside and out) at this link. Be sure to click over -- it's a work of art.

The Arts and Quilt Store made in LEGO

This is NOT a kit, but someone submitted the idea, and if they get enough support, it could become a kit. How does that happen? If you check in the upper right-hand corner, you'll see supporters and a timeline. The kit can become a reality if they get enough supporters within that timeline. 

To support, you need to create a LEGO Idea account (not sure why), and then you can support and post comments. It's free and easy, so I set up an account. HEY -- I love LEGO. 

The concept initially started with a contest for a puzzle cover. If you check this link, you can see the original photograph.  It's cool when you think that the image was created digitally. WOW!!! Then they decided to turn the project into a 3-D piece of art!

And if you want to waste more time, here's the link to select entries for the puzzle contest. Some are amazing, and hard to believe they were made from LEGO. 

All the puzzle entries are on this link. 

The photograph will become a puzzle, and it will be available from Chronicle Books. It's not on their site yet, but here's the link to see one of the other winners as a puzzle

And I think that's enough about LEGO!!! But honestly, when you look at all the ideas on those websites, it blows my mind at people's creativity. If I wasn't a quilter, I might play with LEGO. LEGO is kind of like quilting in a way. We can buy kits and make the project as the designer intended, or buy fabric (or pieces) and go nuts!! There's something for each of us!

If your children (yes -- I bet adults are more into LEGO than kids) or grandchildren have LEGO, get it out and start to play! We never had LEGO at our house. 

And now for some actual quilting. This is what my design wall looks like at the moment. There are five quilts on the wall. From left to right -- BOHO Heart, Wanderers Wife, Wonderful Woodland, Among The Stars Again, Tula Pink Butterfly, and on the stool on the floor is my Long Time Gone. The Sweet Tea and Green Beans quilt is NOT on the wall. I need to finish one of those quilts as I really need the room!

The current state of my design wall

So during the Virtual Retreat on the weekend, I managed to get three sections of my Chunk of the Month done, and there was no room to display it, so it got pinned in front of something else. 

My Chunk of the Month

I'm pretty happy with the results and glad I decided to take those first two sections apart. It didn't really take that long to do it, and there was an extra column in Section Two, and it wasn't just at the end - I had to take some of the rows apart and remove a square here and there. 

This is what I had leftover once I was done. 

Extra bits

And don't tell anyone, but this is one of my UFO projects for this month. I'm done WAY ahead, which is good because there are many other things on that list for this month. 

I used the remaining stack of hourglass blocks as my enders/leaders. There are two left. It'll be good to get those units out of the way, and I'll be trimming those in the next couple of days. Did I mention that I'm off to a sewing retreat again? Shhhhhhhh!!! Don't tell anyone, but yes -- I'm fortunate and have good friends that help make it happen. 

Hourglass units

The flowers are ALMOST ready to bloom. This is the tulip in front of the house, and I'm surprised there are buds on it as the rabbits seem to love them. 

One tulip is almost in bloom

Here's one of the trilliums about to bloom in the forest. 

The trillium is about to bloom

And this plant looks similar to the trillium, but the flower is yellow. I should find out the name because it's more dominant than the trilliums. 

An unknown flower

And that's it for me! So much to do today, but my lists keep me on track, which makes me feel thrilled. YES -- it takes some time to maintain the lists, but getting started is the biggest job. Once you get that done, if you spend a few minutes each day updating them, it works like a charm!

On that note -- it's time to go. 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Your forest flower is a yellow trout lily 😊

    1. also known as dogtooth violet

    2. Thanks for the info!!! I've always wondered and now I need to REMEMBER that name!!!!

  2. If you sprinkle paprika around your flowers, the rabbits won’t eat them.

    1. OH --- I should do that as I hate when they eat my lonely tulip! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Winter birds such as chickadee, cardinal and bluejay go deep into the bush (what you call forest) during summer. That's why you won't be seeing them with the robins.

    1. AHA --- GOod to know. That robin is sure busy with making the nest. They don't need distractions with the cardinals!

  4. My youngest son was very into Legos. He had a large platform (probably the size of a 24" cutting mat). He had so many parts that he had a plastic drawer set similar to one like you have under your cutting table. He sorted his parts into the drawers, he had shallow drawers. Each drawer had a specific type of block or part and he would sit at the table with his drawers and make amazing things. After looking at them for a few days, he would take them apart and put the pieces back into the right drawer and then make something else. It kept him busy for HOURS!

    1. How cool is that!!! I think it would be a very fun thing to play with, but I'll stick with my fabric.