Thursday, May 26, 2022

A sewing retreat FIRST

I will say that this retreat is a first. A first in what you say? While I did throw stuff in a bag without much thought, I didn't pack much. And after this morning, I'll be able to say that I worked on EVERY project that I brought! Now how did that happen? 

Saying that I worked on every project is a bit of a lie. There were two I brought that I couldn't work on anyway because I needed special presser feet. However, I went through the projects and highlighted what I needed. When I'm home and getting ready for the next retreat (yes -- there are more retreats this year), I'll know what to pack so I can actually work on the project. Or I may decide to work on it at the Virtual Retreat, which is on Saturday and Sunday. 

Here is one of the projects - all the pieces are cut to size, all the embellishments are in this one, and the thread, but NOT the right presser feet. So that's easy to fix for the next retreat or sewing at home. 

Project one is inventoried for missing stuff

This project also has all the pieces and embellishments cut; although the zipper is missing, there is no thread, and some embroidery needs to be done BEFORE I can start to sew. So that is also on the list of things to get done, and I may just work on those things while I'm at home, so I don't have to bring extra presser feet with me. 

The second project

But isn't that super silly to pack a project without checking to see if everything is there? Thankfully, those projects aren't large. But bringing them to the retreat and having a few extra minutes last night to check through them ensures that I'll be able to work on them the next time. DUH!!! Why the heck do we do things like that? 

So I got this much of the flannel quilt done. YES -- there is a half-square triangle that is off-kilter, and I need to change one other square as it bumps up to the same color in the section right beside it. What's hilarious is that I had initially forgotten to put that middle star in the quilt, so I had to rip that out, and then when I put the half-square triangle in, I twisted it. 

The flannel quilt with an oops

I decided to take inventory of how many squares I had and what I needed to make the entire quilt. Hmmm -- I need to cut a couple hundred more squares. So I decided to put this project on hold until I had all the cut pieces. Then I could mix those new fabrics with the old ones. I hope I have enough fabric at home. If not, plan B will be to rejig the size and use only what is cut. Again -- I would like for this one to be done! And there's another quilt in the bag that just needs borders, but do I have fabric? I have to check the stash and STOP bringing it to the retreat if I can't work on it! Pack smarter!!

I'm definitely getting better, and this time, my packing was almost perfect!! Thanks to Tish for the lessons on that! 

I have some classes on the weekend, and I have homework that needs to be done. So I got one block done, and I have to say that I'm not happy with the fabrics I chose, so I will remake it, but I have a block to show for the homework. Of course -- you do NOT get to see it before the class. 

Part of the homework blocks 

I have another homework block to make this morning, but it shouldn't take long, even though I still have to cut it. 

I brought a couple of bags of half-square triangles. This group needed to be pressed and trimmed, and I got everything pressed last night. And I might just trim them at the Virtual Retreat. 

Half-square triangles pressed

Then I could bring it back to the next retreat, ready to sew them together! Now that my schedule is a bit more open, I will try and get some of these little jobs done that have been hanging around for years!

I have another bag of enders and leaders that I didn't touch, but I don't really count that as a project. I am working on another bag of enders and leaders, and I may just get through that one this morning. 

So that leaves me with two small projects to work on this morning and that block. So YES -- I will touch everything I brought, which makes me very happy. 

In addition, I walked at least 12 KM every day, and that took a couple of hours, and we did that project which took the better part of an afternoon. I love that our sewing retreats are MORE than just sewing, and I'm past the point of needing to sew every minute I'm here! 

So what was the secret project we made? Have a look. I"m sorry these pictures are on their side. I did NOT edit them, and I can't rotate them in this software. We made five doormats, and each one turned out amazing!!!! Thanks to Susan for the suggestion and for bringing all the supplies. We had a blast cutting out the stencils on the digital cutter and then painting the stencil onto the mat. 

Our doormats

For those that know us, you would know who made what! But you may not even know who is all here, and that's OK! 

I have better pictures and will show them tomorrow when I'm home. 

When I walked, I started at the house, but I decided to drive to one of The Bruce Trail parking lots. What a dummy that I didn't do that for each of the days we were here. It's FABULOUS, and I had such a fantastic walk. Here are some pictures from the walk. 

A Bruce Trail sign
The map of this part of the trail

The terrain was varied, and I walked from the line (road) on the lefthand side to the "you are here" marker on the other. Of course, I took the long road and then took the shortcut back. What a beautiful walk! I took a picture of the map before I started on the trail, which was handy for knowing where I was and how far I could go. 

The Bruce Trail

There were a few bugs in one of the open sections, but it was just me and nature for the most part. I LOVE IT! 

And there was lots of forest bathing! 

A walk in the woods

You did have to be very careful as there were a lot of rocks and tree roots, but I was in my glory. OK -- compared to walking on the road or getting in the car and driving about 5 KM?? I'll walk The Bruce Trail in the future. I'm not sure I'll go for a walk this morning as I want to get these last projects done. I'll see how it goes. 

Let's just say that my heart got a bit of a workout. Not only am I a brisk walker, even with the tree roots, but there were a few hills. Steep steps, and what goes up has to come down. By the time I got my camera to focus on my watch, my heartbeat had dropped considerably, but it was an excellent walk, and I'd love to do it in person from end to end. 

On my way home

I had to walk to the grocery store in the morning, and I stopped at Tim's. I spotted this front yard. It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but it looked like a patchwork design with how the grass had been cut. OH -- and I did a geocache that was near the grocery store. 

Patchwork on the lawn

Check out QUILTsocial today as I make more blocks for the fidget quilts. There's a tutorial for using the Texture Hoop, and the blocks turned out AMAZING. 

And here are the links for the Virtual Retreat. 

Saturday - May 28 - starting at 6 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday - May 29 -- Starting at 10 AM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 816 9371 7518 Passcode: 579285

And on that note, I'm out of here! I've got to touch THREE more small projects before I leave! And I WILL do it.

Have a great day!



  1. Great progress on retreat! You packed the right amount of projects that required attention. Planning for those 2 counts :-)

    You've inspired me again with your commitment to walking. I had a dentist appt at 0750. For days I've been thinking 'should I walk'? Well, I did it! 5.94 miles roundtrip. It's going to be HOT today-our first day over 90F. I got home at 70F. (My dentist kindly said I didn't smell-I warned her that I had just walked 3.25miles ;-)

    If you'd have told me a month ago that I would walk 141 miles in 25 days? Well, I would have laughed and laughed. Yet here I am. Thank you for blogging daily about your walking.

    1. OMG --- That is so awesome!!!! I'm so proud of you for walking to the dentist. I know what you mean about laughing. I used to think that the Tim's (coffee shop) at 1 KM away was a HUGE distance to walk. Now that's just a wee blip. It gets easier the more you walk and it's so easy. Yeah!!!!!