Monday, December 22, 2014

Best laid plans..................

Yesterday I talked about spending certain amount of time working on various projects. Well - this is the kind of thing that extends the time required for doing anything!

I was loading a charity quilt onto the long arm. I got it partially loaded and then saw this...........

Can you see???   There is a HUGE worn spot in this backing!!!!   

I debated - I really debated fixing it. Then decided that YES - I would fix it. Then it was HOW? Leave it on the long arm and just fuse a patch?  Or take it off and patch and sew with the sewing machine. I decided to take it off and put on a patch and stitch it down.

First - I cut out the loose threads
Then I put a patch on the wrong side and stitched it down with the sewing machine. It doesn't look pretty - but at least the quilt is functional! 
While that wasn't a huge set back - it still took time to unload the backing (and YES - I should have seen that spot especially since I gave it a quick press with the iron).  However I have to say that I was listening to my audio book and I was on AUTO PILOT!!!!

invisible 2014 a novel by david ellis and james patterson
Oh yes - I just read one of the BEST THRILLERS I have ever read.  Well - technically I listened to it on my iPod.   It is called Invisible by James Patterson and David Ellis.  

  I haven't read a James Patterson in a while - I found that they were getting too predictable. Well - this is NOT predictable. I won't say anything more other than if you want a good thriller - this is it!!!  

I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the audio books. And Invisible - well it is so well read.  Very creepy!!!!!!   If you get a good "reader" - the voice, the music or sound effects and the tone can bring a book to life!!!!    E-readers????   Nope - but audio books - you bet!!!!

Once the backing was fixed - then I got the quilt back on the long arm and got the quilt done.

Charity quilt - DONE!!!!
Thank goodness these are small, but I have a huge stack of them to do!!!!   Good place to practice quilting or try out threads!

M and I were hanging out in the living room (the FRONT room) as my mother would call it. Well in our case - it is the room in the front of the house - so I guess we could call it the front room!

Sammy was hanging out with us and although she is technically NOT allowed on the furniture - have a look...........

See the adoration in her face for ME!!!!   How could you refuse a little cutie like her when she wants to climb on your lap?   She doesn't do that often so this was a treat for both of us!!!!

Sammy with a few of her remaining teeth. So fierce looking!!!!!  

See - she sleeps in the chair in the front room ALL the time. Even though she knows she is not supposed to.  I hear her jump down as I come upstairs or in the front door. Then looks at me "ME?  I would never sleep in the chair!"   Too late Sammy - you're busted!!!!
Sammy loves her "stress" bear.  It is actually a cat and she got it for Christmas last year. She loves to carry the darn thing all over the house!!!   She doesn't eat it, rip it or chew it. She just likes to carry it!!!!
But Sammy has issues. M calls them PROJECTS in the backyard.  It is like Sammy is trying to dig her way to freedom. why I don't know - since she has a pretty cushy life here!!!!
We managed to get our Christmas tree up and decorated last week. 
And M dramatically puts the star on top!!!!!

I had glanced out the window the other day and WHOA!!!!   What the heck is that???   Who the heck is that????   Oh my god - it is the UPS guy delivering packages with a hand cart!!!!!

UPS delivery by hand cart!!

It was a perfect day as it was fairly warm and NO snow on the ground.  Must have been fun!!!

 Yesterday - I decided that I had better get myself in gear and get the next blog posts for QUILTSocial up.  I am so excited with this new sewing machine.   I am going to have loads of fun with this and tons of projects (oh - more projects) to work on. The trick will be - how can I incorporate MY projects with the projects for the blog?????   My posts won't start until January which meant I had to make folders for my pictures for 2015!!!!   Ack - it is just around the corner!!!!

So even though I am NOT done Storm at Sea (and now it is covered up with the backdrop for the blog sewing machine)

- I wanted to get started on the next project which is a bag. It is called Professional Tote.

Professional Tote by The Creative Thimble

The class will take place at The Hobby Horse on February 1 and March 1. That is TWO SUNDAY afternoons - 3 hours per day.  I am putting together the class requirements for the classes (hopefully all done by this week).  It is an AWESOME bag - and I got everything cut out yesterday.

Everything is cut, prepped, labelled and ready to sew!!!!

The first thing is to insert a ZIPPER.  I grabbed my big box of zippers and there is NOTHING in there in the right length or colour to suit either of the two bags that I am making!!!!!

Loads of zippers, but not what I want!!!!

No worries - I will make my list and go to Fabricland tomorrow to get the supplies for the TWO bags that I am making at the moment.

Well - I am off to read more of the sewing machine manual.  Did you realize how much interesting stuff in in a manual????  I had no idea!   But I have learned tons from reading all these manuals. The big issue - retaining it!!!!   Then take more pictures, edit pictures, load pictures and write the text. Oh yes - fun fun fun.   So much prepped and ready to work on and just not enough time!!!!!!!!!!!!  

On that note - I am out of here!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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