Saturday, December 27, 2014

A LAZY day!!

I don't know why - but I was EXHAUSTED yesterday.  Once I finally got the blog up - I had no ambition. YES - it happens even to me!!!!  So I got a book, a quilt and just lazed around the entire day!  It was great!!!!   I finished the book last night. Oh - if you are looking for another awesome thriller - check out "The 9th Girl" by Tami Hoag.  Very creepy - a bit gruesome - a bit too real. It is part of a series (but works as a stand alone) and I already have the sequel ordered from the library.  Wow - great book.  Already started another book. Oh yes - I am crazy when I get into reading mode!!!

The 9th Girl by Tami Hoag - very creepy and very disturbing especially if you have teenagers.

But I did manage to get some stuff done. Oh yes - I would be totally bored if I lounged around the entire day!

As I was working yesterday (and not on anything I am supposed to be working on), I realized that I am frugal.  Here I am cutting scraps, using up stuff that most people would throw away!!  I don't have to - I have loads of new stuff to use, but it makes me happy to use up these scraps. That is so weird!!!!   I wonder what would happen if I put a call out there that I would take everything that people threw away?  Oh yes - I could keep myself amused forever and never run out of stuff to sew!!!!   By the way - I am NOT putting a call out there for scraps - I have already received so much stuff from people that I can't possibly use it up in my life time.

Anyway - have a look at what I did do yesterday...............

I have this bucket of quarter square triangles that need to be trimmed

Here is the story on the quarter square triangles.  When I make borders for quilts, I make the join on the diagonal. That leaves these big triangles. What to do with them???   Well - I joined them together to get quarter square triangles. God forbid that we throw out those big hunks of fabric!!!!

Some of them looked a bit odd as the triangles were not always the same size

Trimmed them to the biggest size I could get from each one

Here is a tin of trimmed and sorted by size quarter square triangles

These are the last of the quarter square triangles (yes - these have been sitting around for a couple of years!!)

I did make good progress on the trimming (although that pile is still BIG and I hope to continue on as I really really want to make something from these.  I have loads of ideas, but I need to see how many of each size I have before I commit myself to a design. I do NOT want to make more of these - I will make them from scraps - but not making "new" ones.

Then when I was looking for something in the closet, I came across another partially completed project that was just thrown in there.  Hmmm - let's see what that is all about.

It requires the use of batting strips. OK - so I got a big bag of those...........

My bag of batting strips. 

Sorting them and trimming to 2 1/2"

Strips trimmed to 2 1/2"

I dumped the bag on the floor and this is what I still have to process

I needed some 2 1/2" strips of fabric - after going through my little stash of 2 1/2" strips - I realized I was going to need way more! Trying to coordinate this in the brown family

And I am making tubes!!!!!   I need LOTS and LOTS of tubes!!!!

As I was digging through the closet - I also found a whole bunch of this.......

Clothesline - packages and packages of clothesline. 
 I have a feeling that there is a bit more in there somewhere. But at least it is all contained in ONE bag now. I will not be making anything with that at the moment.  I am not supposed to be touching either of the two projects above - well the quarter square triangles has a purpose - the other is just for fun. But I think I deserve a fun day from time to time.

Actually that is one of my problems - I seem to work around the clock and not always on the stuff that I want. That is a classic case of work invading all my time. I really need to set aside time each day where I get to sew for me - and the rest of the time - I sew for samples or others or whatever!!!!   Oh yes - try to be more organized this year!!!!

Here is one more picture of my Sparky that I found this morning.

Sparky "hiding" in the bushes

She was definitely intrigued by that bush yesterday.

Anyway - on that note - I am pumped up and ready to work today.

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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