Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Modern Quilters

Remember the picture from yesterday - the ladies who were pin basting that quilt at The Workroom?

You can't see her very well - but that is Libs right in the back - dark hair, dark T-shirt

Her quilt pin pasted

Lynn sent me a link to let me know who that was.   OH MY GOD - have a look at her web site.  I LOVE her stuff. I especially love the use of the stripes.   If you are into modern type quilts - these are amazing.  Lynn - thank you so  much for sending me that link.

The artists name is Libs Elliot.

Wow - wow - wow - seeing those pictures just makes me want to drop everything and get our my striped fabric and play!  If only I had the time. But I'm not ready to give up teaching (didn't I say that a couple of weeks ago as well???)  

Anyway - I just love Libs' stuff.  How many other cool artists are out there that are doing fun and creative stuff??   Maybe I better start hanging around The Workroom a bit more. I am totally out of that loop!!!!

Was busy at work getting more QUILTSocial stuff done.  Check out today's post - it is all about Free Motion Embroidery and Free Motion Applique.    Even got another video uploaded. Oh yes - I am on a roll with the video stuff. I am almost done for this week.

So I have a new goal - not really a goal - OK - it's a goal.  I MUST MUST MUST get myself organized for 2015. I have THREE more classes to teach before the end of the year, two more sewing days and a "number" (which I won't reveal) of quilts to be quilted. I am NOT scheduling anything for the rest of the year - no sewing dates - NOTHING. I am going to be selfish and try to get as much done as I can. At the same time - I am going to figure out a solution to the mess in this room - I do have an idea - just have to make it happen. I am tired of the pressure and I am tired of the mess.  So I have to figure out how to schedule my place and time. Wish me luck with that one!!  I don't think it is going to be easy.

I forgot to tell you about another one of my favourite items that you can add to your stocking. When I first started to quilt - I just bought any thread. Didn't even worry about whether it was cotton or polyester - no clue about thread weight. Someone introduced me to Aurifil thread a number of years ago and I have to say that I have never looked back. This is the 50 weight thread (on the orange spool). This is the large spool - it also comes in small spools and in cones.

Aurifil thread - 50 weight

Did you know that the thickness of the thread can affect your 1/4" seam???   Anyway - this is my  "go to" thread these days. While I could buy the cone, I find it way more practical to use the large spools (pictured above). Why?  Well - since I am often sewing at a different sewing machine (I think I am moving between three different machines these days) - it is way easier to pack the large spool rather than the cone. No external thread stand required and it is easy to keep one spool (and a backup) with each machine rather than having the big cone. Just a personal preference. Perhaps I should get the cone for the sewing machine that stays home. And it is easier to store the large spools - I buy the thread by the box as I go through several boxes in one year. I think there are 6 spools in each box. Well - I will check out the situation and see!

And does anyone know what kind of needle this is????

What kind of needle is this???

It is NOT a bodkin that I know of. Bodkins have a loopy thing on the end. The "needle" has a very blunt end - the part where the eye is is not much bigger than the shaft of the needle. It is fabulous for inserting ribbon in casings. I only have one and in the event that I lose it - I would be very upset.

So yesterday - I fly out of the house in my PJs and slippers and off to Tim's to get a tea to help cope with the stressful day of blogging. I place my order and then it hit me - while I brought my purse - there was NO WALLET in it.   ACK!!!!   I said that to the girls on the order thing. As I was driving up to the window - they waved me down and said "it's OK". They gave me my order and I told them I would be back to pay for it. Which I did. But she said "oh you don't have your driver's license either!". Nope - and wouldn't that be funny to get stopped by the police!!!   But I didn't.

On that note - I am out of here. Embroidery club this morning and then another blog post to finish.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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