Sunday, December 28, 2014


Nope - not enough snow to go tubing outside and too cold to tube on the water - BUT nice and toasty in my studio to make tubes!!!

You saw some of my prep work yesterday and some of the tubes.

This was the bag of scrap ends of batting before I started

And this is the bag when I was done. It is considerably smaller even though it doesn't look like it. There was JUST enough batting to do what I wanted!!!!   Now all the pieces in here are at least three inches wide.  Yes - they can be joined to make placemats or bag linings or other small items. I usually keep that on hand and when the guild asks me for scraps - I give them this bag. 

My over flowing scrap bowl on the cutting table 

I used to throw this stuff out, but NOT any more.  I will show you tomorrow what I do with it.  I know - I am pathetic!!!!   Can't throw anything away!!!   Well - I would like to share an article with you about Bonnie Hunter.   Oh shoot - my scanner isn't working and I have rebooted both the printer and the computer.  I am going to be late!   Scanner still not working - will scan it later today and post. It is very interesting!!!!

I have separated out these narrower than 2 1/2" scraps of batting. I know - it is an addiction - can't throw anything away!  But wait - I have a purpose for them.

Narrower than 2 1/2" batting scraps

Guess what I got for Christmas????   M found this basket at Value Village!!!!   It is beautifully lined with sewing themed fabric! Got three pockets in it and even a label. It was made in Alberta by The Country Quilter - whoever that is. The workmanship is impeccable!!!!

Hand work sewing basket

Made in Alberta label!!!!

I am going to load it up with my current hand work - embroidery, binding and maybe my knitting????   Then I know where all the hand stuff is and I can easily transport it around the house!!!   Thanks M - I love it!!!!!

So what did I get done yesterday????   I finished all the tubes that are necessary (I think) for my project.

Lots and lots of tubes

I had various lengths and here I have sewn all the short ones together to get a "block".
My "block" of tubes

Yes - I know - I should have been working on something else. Anything else but this, but what the heck - I had fun and I got a LOT done.

Never mind that I went out for a couple of hours to do errands. You know how we always complain about stuff. Well I could not complain yesterday. Went to exchange some paints (Oil for acrylic) and there was ONE acrylic set left. Now it is mine. Went to PetSmart to get canned food for Sammy. It was buy one, get one free. Took the last two cases off the shelf. And they took my $10 in coupons to boot. Went to ValueVillage and found SIX plain pillow cases (not for me, but for a project). Then onto Staples where they had the head phones that I wanted in orange colour no less, the chair mat I need and I still had just enough money left on my COPY card to get the three photocopies I needed. Then off to Fabricland where they had my thread and the really nice fabric I had my eye on was on sale for $5 a meter. (Is is just me or are they becoming very chatty at Fabricland these days?) Then to the library where I picked up my books that I just put on hold and I was number 63 - but somehow got bumped to the front of the line!   Oh yes - It was a great day! I should have purchased a lottery ticket!!!!

On that note - I am off to get more work done today. I think it is about time I get back to "work".

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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