Monday, December 8, 2014

Chubby Chamer

What a WILD day!!!!!   We had so much fun and everyone went home with their Chubby Charmer bag almost complete!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Have a look......

Katheleen was making a different bag and this is what she accomplished in the day! Looks like a new do!

Sharron made her bag a different size (smaller) and I love the fact that she used the same fabric - half from the right side and half from the wrong side.. It is gorgeous!

Sharon made this bag to match a smaller bag that she made to put all her "little stuff" in. Now she has a bag to put all the BIG stuff in along side her "little stuff" bag. 

Maureen had a bunch of nurse fabric which she used to make her bag. She used a pretty cool decorative stitch to "quilt" the bag. 

Karen - classic red/white. I believe she was completely done when she left!  How fun is that!!!!

Claudette used up some OLD OLD charm squares back from the days when Benartex had a charm club. I remember that - YEARS ago.   

Maria used a SOLID piece of "denim look" fabric for her bag.  I love that fabric!!!

Mary - classic red/white and blue.  But the DOTS on the inside make the bag!!!!

Susan and these GORGEOUS batiks!!!!

Susan wanted a few different things like velcro on the inside pocket which I was able to supply in a MATCHING c olour no less and then she thought she might like to add a clip to put her keys on. And I had those little gizmos too!!!!

We had a great lunch catered by Mary D. I think everyone had a lot of fun and the best part - those bags are almost done.  I think Lynn's wasn't quite in the same state of completion, but I will see her today and maybe get that picture!!!!

After everyone left - I came back downstairs and cleaned up.   OK - so everything was tidy, but I put away the tables that I didn't need - THREE got put away. The rest got configured back into their normal spots. I decided to not change it as I like it that way and it functions.

Then I put all the stuff on one table that needed to be put away or what I need to work on in the next couple of days. And this is what the room looks like now. Well - what it looked like last night. It changes by the minute!!!

Studio - neat and tidy!!!
I actually felt really good about coming down here this morning!!!!   The trick will be to keep it this way.  Keep the work surfaces clear or relatively clear.   Discipline - and focus!!!!

Then I was off to the long arm to get another quilt done for a customer that I am delivering today.

Customer quilt - DONE

And I had company - look who came to visit, although she looks very bored!!!!   Or is that her princess and the pea look???

Little Sammy!!!!!   So cute!!!!

I was cleaning up some photos as well and this is a knitted tea cozy that Elaine made for me.  So cute and looks cute on my orange tea pot!!!

Knitted tea cozy
 Diane gave me a huge box of decorator fabric samples. I know - what do you do with all that stuff???  I went through the box and picked out these three fabrics.

Yes - these three are a "bit" dated for my liking. 

But there were three pieces big enough to make the Chubby Charmer so that is cut out and the main part of the bag sewn back together - I will show you that when I am done. I am making two.  And those two bags are on the work tables (with not much else) so I can FOCUS since there isn't a lot to clutter up my mind.

I feel pretty relaxed about my schedule - that means I am forgetting something???   We will see.  I do have a lot of quilts I want to get quilted this week - hopefully the last big week of customer stuff and then I have a few of my own I want to do before Christmas. Where is that scheduled "to do" list that M showed me???   Got to make up one for this week.

On that note - I am on my way to the gym.

Have a great day!!!!


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