Monday, December 29, 2014


So often I hear this statement (and I often make it myself) about how much people enjoy getting away from their house to sew because there are so many interruptions at home.  Oh yes - you know how it is - the dogs, the kids, the phone, the husband - everyone wants to interrupt.

Well yesterday was MY day. I started to sew around 5:00 AM - OK - maybe it was more like 5:30 AM and I went upstairs around 9 PM. However - that doesn't mean that I never surfaced!  Nope - the dogs went for not one, but TWO nice long walks, I made a big pot of squash soup, and I got a few chapters read in my book. The rest of the time - I was in the studio - dedicated - working, not puttering around. Oh my  - it was an awesome day and I got loads done.  Nothing completely finished but big steps forward on a few projects.   Oh yes - I never even got out of my PJs the entire day!!!!!

Have a look.................

Here are my tubes!   They are all in pairs at this point. Now the pairs of pairs need to be sewing together, but since this is a play project, I figured that was enough for today.  I will sew the pairs together later today!!! The nice thing - each round will take less time as there are less pieces!!!!

Although today is Monday, we don't have sewing. But that doesn't mean that I won't be sewing. Nope - going to have a play date with Maria. We both decided there was a bag that we wanted to make and it would probably be better to make it together. We would be more motivated - I hope so!!!

Had to start by cutting out the pattern.  I found some pattern paper - not much, but it was enough to trace the three paper pieces. And this is all that was left.

Mere scraps of pattern paper left. Yes - I really need to buy that lottery ticket!!!!!

Then I started to cut. Got all the pieces cut out for the exterior and the lining. 

I am using a medium weight decorator fabric as the pattern called for.  Hmmmmm - I am not liking this fabric. It is very stiff and hard to work with - almost like canvas. Maybe this is heavy weight fabric? Oh well - too late now. It is all cut out and ready to sew.

The pattern is a bit convoluted.  Oh my - they have you cutting copious layers of interfacing. Then taking a NON-fusible heavy interfacing - cutting the edges away and then taking a lighter weight fusible to layer over the top of the NON-fusible to fuse the two layers to the bag pieces. Doesn't that sound stupid????    Anyway - I searched through my stuff and found interfacings and I made up what we are supposed to do.   It is possible that the fusible products did not exist when the pattern was made - it is about 9 years old or perhaps there is some other mysterious reason why they did it that way. But I changed it up and well - we'll see today if it works or not!!!!

Then I made 5 yards of piping!!!!   I hate making pipping and with this thick fabric - well - it was "fun". Let's leave it at that.

Five yards of piping

Hmmm - then I did something else. Oh yes - I can't show you what I did until next week. Sorry - it's for QUILTSocial and they get exclusive first digs!!!!!

Once I as done that little job, I decided it was time to get my Chubby Charmer finished. By this time, I am getting tired, but I couldn't stop!!!!!  Nope - I kept saying - OK - one more seam and then I'll stop. But I kept going!!!!!  

Chubby Charmer

It just needs a GOOD pressing and all the top stitching. Then it will look amazing!!!!   I put pockets inside - two pockets and as per Susan - I put velcro on the pockets to keep them closed. I was going to put the key holder that Susan also put on hers, but decided that I would never use it.

I am not sure why I was so focused yesterday, but it was awesome. It was a great day - no interruptions - well no major ones. But more importantly when the interruptions happened, I was able to get back to work with little effort. I am thrilled - As the year winds down - I need THREE more days like that so I can get some of these silly little jobs finished. That would be awesome if all of them could be done before the end of the year.

Hmmm - let me make a list so I can see how I make out. There are TEN things on that list.  Three days - that means - three things per day and one day will have four.   That is doable since all of them are fairly small - top stitch a shirt, put buttons on a jacket - that kind of thing. But oh my - if I could get them done - that would be awesome!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. Can't wait to get started on the day.  I will copy that Bonnie Hunter article for you tomorrow.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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