Friday, December 5, 2014

This is not good....................

I managed to meet both of my critical deadlines yesterday. But I didn't feel good about either of them. Oh yes - I did a great job on both of the projects, but I HATE being that pressured to get something done. And I have no one to blame but myself. I knew what had to be done, I was not waiting on anyone to get it done - it was just my own poor planning. So while you all think I am have taken on too much - NOPE - that isn't the problem - I am a POOR PLANNER.

I really really must switch my schedule around so that doesn't happen.  I hate myself for doing that - I just wonder how "productive" I will be getting something done without the stress of the actual deadline?

And the other thing - now that some of the pressure has eased and in preparation for the big sewing group on Sunday, I have been looking at what projects are here in the studio. I'm sick!  Just sick! There are so many started and when am I going to get them done?  I need to be more disciplined about sewing (I love it!) and more disciplined about getting things finished. Many of the items are so close to being finished that it is ridiculous or they are things that I wanted to do, but in reality - they don't need to be done or could be done differently.

I am in the process of rejigging the shelf and I hope that this year it will work. If only I could find ONE more closet to hide stuff in. I would be fine!!!!  Well - I am going to try - I am really going to try.

So yes - I am finished with QUILTSocial for a couple of weeks - make that ONE week before I need to get working on the next series so I can avoid a critical deadline. But check out the blog - I had to choose my top ten reasons why I loved the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 960Q.  Even if you are NOT in the market to buy a new machine - check it out because there are a LOT of super features that you should know about when you do decide to go sewing machine shopping.

And check out the videos!!!!   Two new videos on yesterday's blog.  I am loving the videos. Speaking of videos - look at what Tish gave me yesterday.

A cell phone stand

Yep - doesn't take much to make me happy. Now when I do videos and use the cell phone as the remote - I will be able to see. Because yesterday when I was doing the video - in the playback there was one part where my big fat thumb was right in the picture when it wasn't supposed to be!  So I had to redo the video!!!!  Now I can easily see what is on the screen.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Thanks Tish!!!!

So while I was busy writing and blogging - the long arm was not sitting idle. Have a look what happened.

Sandra got one quilt done

And Katheleen got not one

But TWO quilts done. I LOVE the colours and setting for this one. Just gorgeous. 

And Little Sammy wouldn't leave either of their sides!!!!  Ever on the watch. 

Meanwhile Sparky went right into Katheleen's coat pocket where she had treats for them. Took out the bag of treats and ripped it open. I managed to rescue it, but I don't think she was happy.  She isn't afraid to do that in front of us any more. She used to wait until we were out of the room, but not any more! Stupid dog!!!!

So the other night I was hunting for a zipper. Hmmm - I have a HUGE box of zippers. OK - the box isn't that huge, but...............

My box of zippers

As soon as you open the locking lid - it explodes. However in all those zippers - I did not have the size and colour that I wanted. Go figure!!!!!

Even got some oldies in there!!!!

A while back I posted about this beautiful orange fabric panel that I purchased at a local quilt show.

Beautiful orange panel
Carol knew the artist's work - Clarice Cliff

See the note on the selvedge?

Well Carol also sent me this link...................

I thought it was hilarious when I looked at it. And why????    Because look at this...............

I have the bold stripe that is also part of the collection!!!!!

Isn't that funny?   I had no idea and bought them totally independent of each other

I managed to finish my two tasks yesterday around 2 PM and I thought I was going to have a couple of hours of FREE sewing time - just to do whatever I wanted. But that was NOT TO BE. M had come to me the night before stating that she wanted me to proof read her business plan. And not just any old business plan, but a THIRTY FIVE page business plan. It also had a looming deadline (of today) and so I had no choice but to proof read the document. I kept trying to get out of it as my head was just buzzing, but finally we sat down together at the computer and worked our way through the document. I have to say that I was impressed. THIRTY FIVE pages and it was filled with a TON of research, tons of back ground checks, tons and tons of work. I am VERY PROUD of her for all that she did on the paper. Good luck!!!!!!!

So I have a free day today - well I am getting a manicure but that is totally on my time. Then I have a couple of small quilts to quilt and the rest of the day is mine - oh drat - supposed to go out for dinner. But a good part of the day is mine. I am hoping to be very diligent about scheduling my time in the future - (good luck with that!!!!) because I really really want to get some of this stuff done. And I must learn to focus - pick a project (like the TEN quilts that just need borders put on) - I could clear a LOT of stuff in a couple of days if I just FOCUS.  My goal is to get rid of the rest of the mess - I don't care how or where (crammed into bags and stuffed into the storage room), but I need to get the clutter OUT OF MY FACE. Then I can focus, be able to spread out - I am going to rejig the layout of the studio so it is easy to work and I am determined to make this happen.

I am going to set some goals and objectives for myself. I didn't really do that this past year and while I got a lot done - I wanted to do more.

Only FOUR more classes to teach, THREE more sewing days, a FEW quilts to quilt, but the rest of the time is MINE (well almost)

Here is a challenge for you - Think about your goals and objectives for 2015. Here is something to help you with your goals.  I so agree with this technique below and I MUST make it a priority to WRITE my goals down - stick them UP on the wall and look at them everyday so when I am setting my weekly goals, and my daily TO DOS - I know that I am making progress.

Lots of coaches and consultants like Brian Tracy suggest writing down your goals. Many use the SMART acronym to explain goal setting. Each one uses a slightly different set of criteria. In this case, S.M.A.R.T. refers to goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Framed.

You will be able to follow me on my journey as I work through the planning stage and then next year while I do the implementation.

On that note - have a great day.


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