Sunday, December 14, 2014

Quilter's DYSLEXIA!!!

We had an AWESOME show n tell yesterday (Northern Lights) . I will post the pictures tomorrow and yes - I will find the Dear Jane pictures and post them this week as well!!!!  Somehow they got on another disk and well I need to find them.

 I have "nothing" to do today. No appointments, nothing scheduled.  BUT I have a lot to do and I made a list of what I would love to get done today. Nothing too huge, but there are a lot of things on the list.

First up - I have to find a couple of patterns. As I am sorting through the pattern boxes -I split one open.  Oh crud - now I have to run upstairs and get the tape to tape it back together. And there it sits!!!!  I must get that done today!!!!!  No putting things off.

Later this week, I will show you my 2015 shelf!  Yes - it is coming along nicely and you had better get yourselves organized as well.

However yesterday and the day before was a SERIOUS case of quilting dyslexia.  I don't know what was the matter with me. Have a look.............  

So I am sewing Amish with a Twist Series II.  I have it all spread out on the design wall and you would think it would be easy to sew together...............

Seriously?????   I was CERTAIN that those blocks were positioned correctly. And just for the record - this picture is NOT cropped

But isn't the quilt beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah - fixed - so much better. WAIT - WHAT???   I made another mistake?????   And if you look - the mistake had already happened in the previous photo - I didn't see it. I was so focused on the one error - I didn't see the second. 

But it is all together and looks awesome.  I got the fabric for the borders yesterday so hope to continue on and get it all done. 

When I got home, I got to thinking about my Storm at Sea. That 7 by 9 configuration just wasn't sitting right with me.

Seven by nine configuration
So I changed it to eight by eight and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Eight by eight configuration and YES - I have to make ONE more block

I thought I would do some sewing last night and I must have been trying to punish myself for something because it was one error after another and yet I continued on!!!!   I had to do a major rip job (more on that in a moment) and of course - I ripped the fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ouch - fabric ripped!!!!   But I took it out and replaced it and sewed it all back together. 

I was joining two sections together and went to press and ooops.........

NOT like that 

Like this!!!!!!!!!!!
 I really don't know what was the matter with me. But it gets worse!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just so you can understand my idiocy - have a look at this. This is what I am calling a BLOCK - there are four components together.  I have 63 of these - all nicely pressed and that seam twirled.
The wrong side of the BLOCK - notice the seams are twirled at the intersection
When I put this project away (Many years ago) - I had put one group of FOUR blocks together, but did NOT twirl the seams where those four blocks met.

Then I started to sew the next set of four blocks together - and well - I got screwed up with the twirling and not twirling seams. I wasn't paying attention and next thing you knew - I was ripping out one of the big four patch sections. I had a 50 - 50 chance that I was ripping out the right one and all along - I said to myself - THIS IS THE WRONG SECTION. But still I continued on!!!   Who listens to that damn pesky little voice in your head. NOT ME!!!!!

Well - should have listened because when I fixed it - I realized that I had now TWO big sections with seams pressed in the REVERSE of the entire rest of the quilt.  Oh yes - I knew that in my head!!!!  Too stubborn or stupid or well I don't know.  So now it means as I sew the rest of the quilt together - I have to reverse all the seams!!!!   I mean - am I stupid or what??????   I told you - it is punishment for something!

Oh - never mind - it got worse than that because I had to pull some blocks completely apart because I don't have enough variety left of the cut blue pieces so I had to switch them around.  See - what was the point of getting fussed - I made some big boo boos and I was in that zone to just sit and patiently rip and fix!  Therapy - for what - I don't know.

Quilt before I went to bed

All the bits needed are CUT and ready to sew
 The rest of what I didn't need got put away
This is still out - the books and the blue for the border!!!!!!!

See how all the seams twirl so nicely IF you do it right!!!!!!!!!!   

And this is what the quilt looks like now - a couple more seams and ONE HALF of it will be together and all seams match up.  I don't know why that is important to me, but I love doing this kind of stuff.  No wonder I don't work fast - this is a LOT of piecing. But look at that quilt - it is GORGEOUS and so glad I made it square!!!! 

And one tiny little block got pieced this morning
This is a class at The Hobby Horse. DO NOT be afraid because of what I did.  It really is an easy pattern to put together. The problem is NOT paying attention and leaving it so long.  But I am ready to finish this and then I have a BIG double wedding ring that is partially together. I am tempted to put that on the way next. Just get these crazy projects done!!!!

Okay - finished my pattern search - just need to find about two more patterns and I am done. Oh yes - and fix that box!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here to get my LONG list done.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


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