Friday, December 19, 2014

Playing catch up!!!

Fabulous road trip yesterday - will share the details tomorrow.

Have a look at what has been happening around here..............   Had to fill up the car the other day - I certainly don't mind road trips when the price of gas is this!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been 4 1/2 years since we saw this!!!!!

We had embroidery club on Wednesday morning.  I am so excited!!!!   I am down to the LAST block on the Christmas quilt. The one on the left is DONE and all that remains is a bit on the block on the right.  I should be able to finish that off in an hour?????   Perhaps I will even get it done before the next club date, but I doubt it - there is a LOT of work to be done in the studio - stuff that has to be done!!!!   Yep - we are having embroidery club (even if I am the only one) on Christmas Eve just so I can guarantee that these blocks will get done!!!!!!

Last embroidery block!!!!!   (time to get the next project organized!!)

So I am a softie!!   I had a couple of people ask me (somewhat late, but NOT last minute) to get a quilt done for them for Christmas. Since I don't really have any other quilts that NEED to be done before Christmas - I thought I would help them out of a bind. You remember the other one - that had a flange!   Well - this one was a bit tight on the backing!!!!!  The backing was totally pieced and I ironed the heck out of it - trying to gain every millimeter I could. The top also needed pressing, but I didn't touch it. It wasn't wrinkled, but the seams could have been pressed a bit differently!

When I was done - the top measured 52 1/2 inches wide and the backing - 53 1/2".  Yes - a bit too tight. But I threw it on the machine and it quilted up not so bad - but the edges are just not as nice as they could be. So DO NOT think you can get away with this!!!!!   I will charge you more for the added fussiness that has to happen when I do this.

A little tight for space on the quilt edges

The top and bottom were not much better!!!!

Customer quilt - DONE (Customer was thrilled and her husband is going to be one happy man! and yes we did have a discussion about size of backings needed!!!!) 

The back of the quilt

It would appear that I am at Ruti's Needlebed pretty much every day. Have you ever heard someone say "oh what a shame that "quilt store X" is closing. I will miss that store." And they rarely go there????   Yeah - weird.  But if Ruti's ever closed - I would be LOST. TOTALLY LOST. I go to that store for counseling, I go to the store to provide counselling, I go for show n tell, I go to see show n tell, I go to chat to Susannah, Marlene, Diane and Ruthi, I go just because - oh - I do also go to buy stuff!!!!

You never know what treasures one will find - most often out in open view on the cutting table.  This is what I saw the other day and almost died.

This is the finest MULBERRY SILK and that price is NOT a typo!!!!!!

I did NOT buy this.  What would I make with it????   Looks too fancy for my liking!!!

And the other day, I went to take a picture of Marlene with her tacky Hanukkah sweater. I missed her, so I had to pull this off Facebook.

Love the SWEATER!!!!!!!   

In my madness of running around - I stopped at Erin Mills Town Center. The new entrance by the food court is open and it looks fabulous!!!!!!   I went back yesterday and took more pictures which I will share tomorrow.  This mall is going to look awesome.  Totally different!!!!!    I LOVE Erin Mills Town Center.  It really is a nice mall and will be so much better once the renovations are complete.

New entrance to the Erin Mills Town Center.   The seating area for the food court will be in this glassed area

I also needed a new utility knife - my old one seems to have walked. Funny how that happens when there are others in the house. I am very good at putting things back where they belong. The others- not so much.  So look what I bought!!!!!!
Hey - if Olfa makes an awesome rotary cutter - their utility knife is probably good as well.  Now I can cut through those election signs with ease!!!!
 And here is the current status of the Storm at Sea quilt.  The more I work on this quilt - the more I am LOVING it.  It has been so worth all the work.  I haven't measured it yet - but it is big - it is almost floor to ceiling!

Storm at Sea

Well I had an awesome workout this morning. I have been "cruising" for a while because of my leg. With all the extra stretching and foam rolling - it is better. Not perfect, but much better and I feel that I can push a bit harder.  Oh yes - you do NOT get endorphins unless you get your heart rate up there!!!!   I am so pumped this morning - I could conquer the world!!!   I am all full of energy to get things done which is good because I am sorting and piling and sorting and piling through this mess in the studio.  Not quite sure of the total plan yet - but I am getting there. Took pictures this morning - will share tomorrow.

You have heard people talk about tea being a diuretic.  I don't have any expertise in this area, but I do know that when I drink tea - I don't drink water. And that is a BAD thing.  So I don't drink nearly as much water as I should and when I took my blood pressure the other day - ooops - it was really low - both numbers were very low. But I didn't feel dizzy or anything.  But this is NOT good.   I MUST MUST MUST drink water.  Going to have to tie the damn bottle to my belt loops so I remember. I just don't think about drinking and I am sure that the low blood pressure is the result of dehydration. And I should know better.   Maybe I could just guzzle all the water first thing in the morning and get it over with????

YES - it is that time of the year when you set goals - and drinking more water is one of mine.

On that note - I better hit this mess flying or I will never surface from the mess.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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