Thursday, December 11, 2014

Getting excited........

Oh oh oh!!!   I am getting so close - have a look.

A little bit of green on the tree for the block on the left and then a big tree on the block on the right and then I am DONE!!!!!!!

I am pretty excited about that - then I will be able to start sewing it together. OK - so the blocks will be done!!!!   Sewing it together will  - well let's see how it fits into the schedule. No sense starting a new project when I could finish sewing this one.   So many in that same state!

Despite the fact that I seemed to be on the phone all afternoon - I did manage to get a customer quilt done.

Customer quilt - DONE!!!!!
 The next one is loaded on the machine and hope to get that done later today.

I put Amish with a Twist Series II on the design wall and it looks FABULOUS.   Nope - not sharing with you. Not yet.  I will "introduce" it on Saturday at Sew Sisters where I will be teaching it and then you can see it.  I think there might be a spot or two left, but not many!!!   I wouldn't wait if you haven't signed up.

On that note - it is a snowy blowy day and well I have to go out!  It is Thursday sewing although I am not sure how many will show up.

Have a great day.  Drive safe!


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