Thursday, December 25, 2014

The sweat shop!

Yep - that is pretty much what it felt like yesterday. Between trying to get things ready for Christmas and trying to get the QUILTSocial blog done - it was a crazy day!  Of course - I have no one to blame but myself. I am a procrastinator and I like to put things off until they become a crisis!!!   Why?  No idea, but I would like to change that.  At least I am writing QUILTSocial more than one week before it will be published, but still behind the editor's deadline.

I was sitting at the kitchen table yesterday when something caught my eye out the window.  OH my - I ran to grab my camera and then the telephoto lens and by the time I got back, my visitor was gone. However they came back.

See who is peeking around the corner of the feeder??

Yep a blue jay - I think they can hear the shutter click through the window which is closed) but their hearing is that good. 

Such a nice looking bird even if they cause a ruckus with the other birds

The partner stayed in the trees

And the cardinals were back - I haven't seen them in a long time and I swear I saw two males yesterday or I could have been dreaming. 

The plain little brown birds hiding in the tree

This little guy wouldn't turn around!!!

Well it was just Linda and my for embroidery yesterday. No worries - I was already working on my last block when she arrived.  Look at these fun gifts that she has been working on.

Her grandson really really really wanted Linda to make him a boy doll and so she did. Not only did she make one, but she made TWO of them. Complete with clothes including a yellow shirt. Not sure why the yellow shirt was important, but that was a special request.

She also made several sets of these bags. A small coin purse and a catch all bag.  So very cute and easy to make!!
 And me?  Well as promised to myself - I finished the last block

Last embroidery block  - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is my "Christmas" quilt!!!!  I shall enjoy it all day on the studio wall. 

I was checking back through my blog and YIKES - I was working on this at the end of the 2011.  Yes - three years ago.  OK - I hope the next project doesn't take that long!!!!  So while I have a couple of other projects ready to stitch - I did trace some little Christmas ornaments. There are EIGHT of them in total and hopefully won't take years to get them done!!!

One ornament

All eight ornaments traced!!!

I had a LOT of pictures to edit yesterday and while I was waiting for them to load, I got out this drawer of thread and tidied it up!!!!

One of many thread drawers - all tidied up!!!

As I was prepping the QUILTSocial blog yesterday   (check out QUILTSocial this morning to see what happens when you are NOT paying attention!!!)   OK - so I am prepping yesterday and looking for projects that required different techniques and fabric type. The projects just keep flying out of the closet!!!!    And they are getting done!!!!   I hope to take one more day (tomorrow) to mess around with old projects and get them completed. Then I must get back on track!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I can't help myself - but I WANT this sewing machine.  Not sure why - (oh I know why! - it is making me WANT to finish these projects.

I never read manuals for anything, but am diligently working my way through the manual for this sewing machine. As I was working last night - I decided that I am getting a GOOD book on Photoshop elements - the latest version (13) and I am going to read that damn book cover to cover. Plus I am going to move to my new computer to do the photo editing. I bet I can save a HUGE amount of time. ACK!!!!!!   But to find the time to make all that happen!!!!!   And I keep pulling projects out of the closet. STOP STOP STOP!!!!

Well the stockings are filled, the presents are under the tree and everyone is still in bed. I love Christmas morning. It is so peaceful and quiet here. There is no snow on the ground - a bit windy, but no rain yet. The temperature is above zero - I am tempted to ride my bike to Tim's to get my tea. Do you think they would notice if I wore my bright orange PJs on this dreary morning????

Have a very Merry Christmas.


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