Sunday, July 23, 2017

A sobering thought

Yesterday was a super productive day.  I'm surprising even myself at how focused I can be.

We had a great time at the dog park. I've been told - "Mom - it's OK if you can't do everything, BUT you HAVE to take us to the dog park on the weekends."  It's a good change of pace for sure.

Finished off my book and then got one of my quilts quilted that needed to be done. I wasn't as fast at it as I thought I would be.  No - I thought I would have it done by lunch, but it was later in the day. No big deal - it's done.

I had some errands to run so made a list and got them all done in a very short time. One thing I noticed - I hardly ever do errands and if so I try to get out later in the day. I only had three places to go - all within 1 KM of my house, but couldn't take the bike as some stuff I needed was big.  The drivers in parking lots are maniacs!  It's a free for all and speeding?  No one respects speed bumps or the speed limits. I hate shopping!

Now here's the best part of the errands - you know how you buy something and it takes forever to do something with what you bought?  Not yesterday. I needed a new light for my long arm.  The darn thing went out a couple of quilts ago and just never had time to go buy a new one.  Well - it's installed on the long arm. What a difference - I can actually see what I'm quilting!

Old bulb - gone!

The ten bags of mulch are spread in the garden - need to make room for those girls in the back of the car!

The cap feet will be used later this weekend for a project - well might be more like tomorrow, but that's OK. And the plastic tubing - well that's been used as well. More on that tomorrow. Library books returned, money from the bank - and all my errands got done and items got used. Now I have two more errands today.  Hopefully the parking lots will be quieter?

Remember yesterday when I said that I don't procrastinate nearly as much as I used to? Well, there is one thing that I procrastinate about. Loading LARGE quilts on the long arm. This poor quilt has been in the queue for a while and each time I'm ready to quilt it, I bypass it.  NO LONGER - today is the day. It's huge - 93" by 112". BUT - it's loaded and partially quilted. I was hoping to have had it completed yesterday, but I ran out of time. No worries - it'll happen today and then there is a smaller one to load and get done tonight.

HUGE quilt loaded on the long arm
 I have to admit that yesterday I was thinking that a computer on the long arm would be a good thing. I had some cutting and trimming to do and it would have been nice to load that quilt and hit GO and I could go and do my work. Oh well - better start saving my pennies. I don't do enough customer work any more to justify paying for it.

I finished fussy cutting that other project that I need to work on.  It's mostly fussy cut - just the borders (which also have to be fussy cut).  About 1/3 or maybe just 1/4 of the blocks are done.  If you want to see this quilt - better come to Quilts at the Creek this coming weekend because the quilt will be hanging in that show. It's only 40 inches square or thereabouts, so shouldn't be a problem to get it finished. I know - NO pressure!   I need to check when the quilts need to be delivered - I will have to drop it off there - I think the store drop off date has already passed.  No worries - it'll happen!  I have two quilts in the show - the other one is done, but needs to be picked up as it's currently on display in a quilt shop.

I'm feeling in really good shape these days - quilt-wise that is. I've got my urgent list - well deadline list is more like it. There are tons of other things that need to be done, but the deadline list is a way of prioritising for me. That has always been my biggest issue - I can sew all day, but am I sewing on the right things?  I'm much better now.

So here is my sobering thought for the day. When we were doing our road trip last weekend, I spotted a kit in a shop.  Oh - it's for a travel jewelry case. I'm not a big wearer of jewelry - mostly because  - well - it's not all in one spot. I have boxes here and boxes there and well - it's an issue. But I'm going to change that. One of the other issues is that I have to remember to put the jewelry in my gym bag.  Of course - I could make a pretty little case which would make things a whole lot easier? Right?

This kit is perfect. The price is marked down - hm - is that $15? Which is an excellent price considering the pattern is in the kit, the fabric, the zippers, the foam for the lining.  EVERYTHING - well worth $15.

The jewelry kit
 I took it to the cash and asked the lady if that was $15?  Yes and she said she would mark it down to $10 if I paid cash whereupon I whipped out a $10 bill faster than the speed of lightening. Apparently this kit (it was amongst a bunch of others) was part of an estate sale.  YES - someone passed on and the family or friends are trying to get rid of her stuff.  That is sobering!   Because one day that is going to happen to me!  NO!  I can do it all in my life time!  Can't I???   Oh god - That's all I can say!

Which is another reason why I want to find NEW quilters to pass stuff along to - not the established quilters because they already have a ton of stuff. I need a new quilter to pass on some of my scraps. Who is new out there and local to me that wants the leftovers from my projects?  I'm not talking scraps - I'm talking the rest of a collection when I'm finished with it???   OH - I think I know someone. But if there is anyone out there who knows a young quilter or a new quilter who is local - I don't want to ship this stuff, but I need to start moving some of it and I don't want it sitting in someone else's stash. I want it used or I'm not getting rid of it.

I wasn't sure if I was going to use the fabric in the kit, but it's not bad.  I might get started on this later today as I'm feeling in good shape to get everything done. I'll see as I do have two patterns for work that I'm supposed to be testing and those are priorities!

Fabric in the kit

On that sobering note, I'm off to the dog park and then back to get some more stuff cleaned up and finished. And OH GOD - I started a new book and already 100 pages into it!

Have a great day!


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