Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oh Canada projects at the retreat

As I was finishing up the posts for QUILTsocial (and I'm mightly happy with the results), I thought I might as well continue to edit pictures.  I have a few edited for the next couple of days including a few from the retreat. The order of things will be mixed up but that's OK. That's just like my days!

Here's a shot of one half of the great room where we sew at the retreat. Look at all those windows and lots of task lights for night time sewing. Notice how tidy it all looks??  Actually there was a bit more stuff in there as this picture was taken on the last morning and some stuff had already been taken to the cars. 

The sewing room at retreat

But have a look at that cutting table and ironing surface.  I swear it was this neat the ENTIRE time.  No one left their work on the cutting table. No one hogged the work spaces. We were a very neat, tidy and orderly group. I'm not sure how that happened!

The immaculate ironing/cutting stations

It was also a Canada themed retreat as several people worked on Oh Canada projects.  These little pouches belong to Ronda. I bet she knows how to put in a zipper with no issues? Right???

Little pouches!

I had to repair my Canada tote bag.  Remember that I had tried to cut the corners from the top of the bag. Thankfully I only made ONE slice into the bag.  ACK!!!!  For whatever reason, I continued on to finish the bag. Why???  In hopes that the slit would magically disappear?  I've no idea. But it meant that I had to disassemble part of the bag in order to repair it.

Canada tote bag - repaired and ready to use
 I opened up the bag and zigzagged the slit together.

The slit is now together
I then made and sewed a key fob over the slit. The bag is now as good as new and no one will know that it needed a repair job!

Key fob saves the day!!!!
 Here's another shot of the great room.  See my table on the extreme left??  Yep - that's my FOUR candy dishes that we used for the taste testing of the Smarties versus M&Ms and the peanut butter M&Ms versus Reese's Pieces.

The sewing room at retreat

Notice that even in this picture from Saturday that the room is pretty neat.  We really were a great group!

As you read this  - well depending on when you read it, I'm off to a great adventure today. With a couple of well meaning friends.  I mean that in the nicest way, but these two have a bad reputation of getting into trouble and well - we'll see what happens.

Have a super day!!!!!


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