Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Facebook rocks!!!!

What a day!  I spent a good part of the day organizing the next round of deadline quilts.  I'm not done yet but let's just say that there will be a few. Thankfully they are spaced out and they are WRITTEN down in my little micro binder so I know exactly what my time line will be.  There are more coming, but still working on the details. The system is amazing (for me) for prioritizing - a simple thing like writing a list, but it's NOT a list. It's a flexible list and that's different!

And yes - I did get the sleeve sewn on and that other quilt is gone.

Sometimes I hear people talk about Facebook.  Oh  - what's the point of it?  Well, let me tell you - I would be lost without Facebook.  It's a super way to stay in touch with people that you don't really need (or want) to talk to.  But it allows you to stay in tune with their lives (at least from a distance). I stay in touch with my distant cousins, aunts and uncles and friends who have moved away. I belong to interest groups and I love seeing what everyone is making.

But here is the BEST.  I desparately needed a fabric - a specific color from a specific manufacturer.  I put out a note on one of my quilting groups.  Got an answer back very quickly that a fairly local store to me carried this product.  As I mulled over the information, I remembered that another person that I met through my blog lived in that area. A message to her and VOILA - my fabric should arrive today!!!  Yeah!!!!!   Thanks to the Canadian Quilters group and thanks to Shelly and thanks to The Cotton Harvest Quilt Shop in Seaforth!!!

I was working on my next deadline project last night and hit a stumbling block. The first set of blocks were done. I thought they looked rather neat. When I started making the secondary blocks - the project fell flat.  Seriously????   I'll take pictures to show you.  Now what?  We don't have a lot of time here.  Back to the drawing board and I came up with something else that I think will work. Is it perfect?  Nope - nothing ever is.  But it works better together.  It's almost all cut out. And I realized that parts of what I had already done would be better if the fabrics were slightly repositioned. That's a job for tonight. AND I had an issue with the iron. For some reason, it leaked and put an ugly brown stain on my WHITE fabric.  So I daringly ran to the sink and immersed my red and white fabrics in cold water. Will those reds run?  Of course NOT!  Everything looks great!

I was browsing through some magazines the other day and came across this interesting tidbit. The magazine is American Patchwork and Quilting (October 2016).  The entire magazine is about vintage quilts - how to make them (or reproduce them) and on the editorial page there is a comment by Darlene Zimmerman.  Essentially she says that if you have (or buy or see) a vintage quilt or vintage quilt blocks -- if they are NOT museum quality - you can do whatever you want with them!  Now how freeing is that!

I have two things for you today - two assignments!  One of them is to read my QUILTsocial blog post for today. It's all about machine embroidery and even if you're not into embroidery - check it out anyway to see what it's all about. Maybe you have a friend who has a machine and you can get them to do something for you.

Day Three - QUILTsocial

OK - so that was cool.  I absolutely love doing those blog posts.  And I've learned a ton from all the research I've had to do.

Speaking of research - I'm off on another tangent with a different style of quilt. I have a ton of books and while I've gone through a few of them, there are many that - well sad to say - the book has never even been opened once I bought it. As I was searching on the internet, I came across three books. One I could get from the library - already put a hold on it, one I don't have (going to order it today) and the third one - I do have. There is a second edition of this book, but seriously - how different can it possibly be?

I got the information that I needed from the book, but here's the thing - there is a lot of cool information in this book - Color Play by Joen Wolfrom.   Seriously?  Why haven't I read this entire book?   So I'm going to make it part of my daily routine.  READ those darn quilting books and then get rid of them if I don't need/want them anymore.   OH GOD - I just read that link I posted about the book - I WANT the new book.  I'm wondering if I didn't already buy that one?

Here's my assignment to you.  Take ONE book from your quilting book shelf - it can be a project book, it can be a color theory book, it can be a technique book or a historical book.  I don't care. But pick ONE.  Then I want you to read it from cover to cover or evaluate it - do I even want to read this book?  Then find a home for it if you don't want it! Or once you've read it - pick a project to make or find a way to incorporate the information into an existing project. If I were ever to read those books I have, I'd be - well I'd be the most read quilter in the world!  And I'd probably know a LOT! (more than I already do anyway!)

Did you see that Kat (Next Step Quilt Designs) mentioned me and my blog on her post yesterday for 150 Canadian Women?  I love Kat's designs, she's a sweetie and well - it's a small world!

I have located TWO new quilters who from time to time will be given the option for a fabric bundle from me. I hope to offer them both something in the near future. I have one bundle ready to go and will be sending one of them a note. I'm super excited about this as I really can't use all I have, but I have to be absolutely certain that I'm done with the collection. In this case, I've already made two quilts - two is enough. Time to move on!  Thanks to the two who have responded!  You know who you are!

I have more to tell, but that will have to wait for tomorrow. Sorry - no pictures today!

Have a super day!!!!


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