Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pairing down................

I'm super excited!  Today is the first day of the quilt show at Quilts at the Creek.  This is an outdoor quilt show that is held at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto.  Check out this link for ALL the details - there are other workshops - indigo dying and more (shopping!)!  We have the FIRST weekend of the summer with no threat of rain (I'm almost afraid to write that!).  I dropped my two quilts off at the venue yesterday (a mere 10 minute drive from work) and there were quilts everywhere!  And of course ALL the volunteers who received the quilts, transported the quilts and will hang the quilts.  I'll be helping to take down, although I might go a bit early to help set up?  Extra hands are always welcome.

There are lectures and workshops and I'm taking one of each today. Then off to one more event tomorrow. I can't wait. It's going to be loads of fun.

So what is the class I'm taking?  You can check it out here.   I'm not very good with classes so I figured that I could manage this one - it's only three hours long.  That is a lot of little squares - right up my alley and the technique is one that I've wanted to experiment with for a while.  Pixel quilts.  One of my big issues for getting to class is what to prepare. You know - you're not sure so you take a LOT!  Well have a look because I AM prepared.

It's a bit surprising that I'm prepared because when I got home yesterday, I sat in the backyard and I finished my Dalziel and Pascoe book.  Oh my - those characters are very naughty! It was published by a  British author written in 1983. Let's just say - it's not very politically correct.  And there are passages which I have to read several times in order to understand what exactly they are saying.  A HUGE thanks to Helen for introducing me to this series!  I love it.  I do believe Reginald Hill has passed away (Yes - Januayr 12, 2012) so once I'm finished reading the last book in this series - it's over!  There are 24 books in the series, I just read number 7 so I don't think I'll be finishing the series anytime soon!  I see he wrote another series so may pick that up afterwards.

Anyway - I digress from telling you about my prep.  Oh not before I started a new book in the Jack Reacher series. I LOVE those books.  I'm reading the one that was published in 2008 ad there are 10 more waiting. Again - I won't be hitting the end of that series very soon.  There is no danger of me binge reading any author. Two in a row is about all I can handle - they are repetitive in a weird sort of way.

OK - back to the prep.   I needed a lot of little red squares so I got out my scrap box and I sorted through what I thought would be good for the project. I cut, I sorted and I have a few that are maybes. Little scraps that are maybes!  The squares are 1 1/2" by the way.

Cutting scraps
And once I was done - this is ALL the fabric that I'm taking to class.

My class fabrics!

I did throw in a two yard piece for the background which we aren't required to take, but I have. Tamara is going to discuss the background in the class.  I may get brave and instead of using one piece - I'll be using MANY pieces (like the original), but I just needed to have EXTRA fabric with me!  

That means I won't be diddling around trying to decide which fabrics to use - they are cut and ready to go.

So all this reading and prep stuff means that I DID not get started on the next deadline quilt. Hey - I needed a break. And I was tired and half falling asleep in my chair in the backyard while the dogs wrestled and chewed their rawhide bones.

So - did you pick a quilt book off your shelf to read?  Did you???   I caved and decided that the introduction to the NEW Color Play book by Joen Wolfrom was too enticing so I bought it and waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime, I have a blogging magazine that I'm reading as my "quilt" book to get through.

Well on that note, I see the girls are waiting. Tap tap tap - pant pant pant. Let's go!

Have a super day!!!!!   (and hope to see you at Quilts at the Creek!!!!)


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