Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tag - you're it!

I love my job. I love my hobby. When the two of them revolve around the same theme - well it makes for some long days!

I had a super productive day yesterday. I got loads of stuff written - needs to be proofed, but that's OK.  There was a bit of designing involved as well. If I'm going to make a free pattern, I get to make it how I want!  I hate leftovers so I managed to get this one design just right and no leftover blocks.

And when that part of the day was over, then it was time to load a quilt and get that quilted.  BUT WAIT - not before I sat out in the gazebo with the girls and read for an hour. That was the equivalent of my commute time since I worked from home yesterday!

The quilt on the machine is mine but has a deadline and I decided to join the batting.  I found three pieces that were perfect and pieced them together.  As I got to the end, I realised that I was about 4 inches short.  Great - math sometimes is not my strong point.  So I found another piece in the scrap bag of batting and was able to finish that quilt off. 

I made the binding and trimmed the quilt and left it for this morning. BUT not before I found those little labels to be inserted. 

I was up early this morning and got the binding sewn on both sides. The sleeve is made and I'll hand stitch that on later today. It should be in a box by 3 PM and out the door. 

But I'm super excited.  Look at that label!!  

This is the side that is visible

My name and phone number are on the underside

I'm super happy with those labels. They are perfect for an item when you don't want to put a big label on, but you want it to have some form of ID.  Now I realise that someone could just cut that label off and they might. But that's OK.  I know that Lorna's labels are narrower and longer than mine and I might consider that for the next batch, but I really like the logo!

Lorna from Sew Fresh Quilts would be so proud of me for using the label!  And I used her style of quilting for this quilt.  It was PERFECT and easy. I found myself quilting with one hand, the other in my pocket as I walked back and forth beside the long arm.  Super simple!  I will do this style again!

On that note, I'm out of here.  A super busy day and I still have another quilt top to finish tonight and quilt as it needs to be gone by tomorrow!.

Have a great day!


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