Wednesday, July 12, 2017

OH - I'm not going anywhere fast

The day started out great.  Finished prepping things for the day, loaded the pictures into the blog, walked the dogs and went out to the car to load my stuff.  Only to find this.........

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A flat tire

It's hard to tell in the picture, but that tire is flat!    I couldn't even get mad - I was actually laughing when I saw it.

You see, I knew that one of my tires was low. Just a feeling I had last week that something wasn't right.  I did have a visual look at all the tires at the retreat and I noticed that the right front driver's tire looked a bit low, but everything seemed fine. And just as I was getting home on Monday night, the tire pressure light came on.  From the day I bought this car, there has been one tire that has given me issues.  The seal - well - it just won't seal properly.  At least once a year, I have to take it in for repair. You would think they could fix it?  It's probably the rim that is damaged, but again, this was from day one that I got the car.

So at the retreat I said that the driver's side front tire was looking low.  However if you can tell from the picture above, that this is NOT the driver's side.  Yep - it's the front passenger.

It's also the tire that has had that cut in it for over two years.  I'm lucky that's it's only a flat tire that happened in my driveway.

That is why we have things like CAA.  I have no shame being a girl and calling them to change the tire. I mean, seriously!  I waited about a half an hour. The guy comes with his truck and pulls out a HUGE jack which is way safer than the little one that comes in the car.  Then he pulls out his pneumatic wrench so he can take the lug nuts off and replace them.  In about 5 minutes - well maybe 10 he was done.  No one got hurt, no one got dirty and well - that's the way I like it!   I just checked back to the last time I had a flat tire and it wasn't so easy to fix. I had forgotten about that.

If you don't have CAA - it's so worth it for peace of mind.  Now I have to drop the tire off at the garage later today to see whether the tire can be fixed or do I need a new one?

Oh - I just checked back to the picture of the tire with the cut and I don't think this is the same tire. I didn't bother to check it this morning.

However that made me late for the rest of the day. I'll write the blog that I was going to write today - tomorrow. If that makes sense.

Have a super day!!!!


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