Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wear Sunscreen

I'm not big on traditions, but there are some things that you just have to stick with. Case in point - our retreats.  From day one, the owner placed a wooden quilt block on one side of the house. Well that's a photo op waiting to happen!

I do believe that she has changed that block every year.  This year being Canada's 150th - what other block would you have, but the maple leaf!

Maple Leaf block

And since we want everyone to be in the picture, I use the timer on my camera and get a group shot usually on the last day. In the past, I've not taken or forgotten to take a tri-pod. Hm - what to do? what to do?  I find that the ironing board is perfect. So yes, I'm outside with the ironing board getting it set to the perfect height and then call the team out and we get our shot. I did use the tri-pod this time!  (And I think we did the same thing with our other retreat house in Bracebridge which is now closed, but the photo was inside)

Group shot

If you check out the Fireside Retreat website, there is another one of our group shots from the very first time we were there.

I laugh when I see this second photo.  I'm the one who is kneeling on one knee.  I'm not sure that I could do that now!  Bloody knees - need to do more leg strengthening to get them back in shape!

Yesterday at spin class, one of the songs they played was the sunscreen song. Here's a link so you can hear the song if you're not familiar with it.     Honestly - I think we should all listen to this song every morning.  It's so inspiring, so uplifting and he says "be kind to your knees, you'll miss them when they're gone!"    OH GOD -- I can so relate although mine are not nearly in as bad as shape as some people I know.   But seriously - listen to that song.  It's such amazing advice!

I'm making good progress on the two quilts that have to be shipped out later this week. One is ready for quilting after work tonight and the other one - well I think it's going to be a day late.  The first border is on.  The second border is 1/4 pieced and lots of bits of the rest are cut and partially assembled. The final border is easy and it's cut.  It's going together quite nicely and I'm really happy with it.

Today is going to be a day of pattern writing and testing a couple of them to see that everything is OK.  I'm OK with the measurements on quilts, although it's always a good idea to test or at least test the blocks, but this one pattern is a bag and while it's not my first bag pattern, I need to make sure that it's OK before it goes live on the internet.

I keep books of my patterns at work.  I have a book for the patterns that are free on the Northcott resouce page (on my second book already). I have a book for the patterns that appear in magazines and another book for the quilting tips and yet another for the articles (Tech Tips) that appeared in A Needle Pulling Thread.  I'm really excited about all this and it'll make a nice memory for me when I'm in the nursing home. I can see M coming to me with my books - "Hey Mom!   Remember when you made all that stuff for the magazines?"   I'll pat her hand and say "That's nice dear!"

On that note, I'm off to work.

Have a super day!!!!


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