Sunday, July 2, 2017

Productivity radar was off the chart!

It was a super day yesterday. Amazing how much one can get done when you're focused.

I got this top together. Took no time at all and it was done. It's small - 40" by 57", but I decided it was going to stay that size.  That green is a very weird shade and well, we mustn't be buying fabric!  I was even contemplating how to get rid of some of the fabric yesterday. Imagine that!  And NO - there won't be a big sale - like most of you need more fabric anyway!

Quilt top together

As I said yesterday, I wanted to add those blocks to the backing.  I found some fabric in my stash and pieced the backing. Looks great. Do you know the significance of the blocks on the back, relative to the blocks on the front?  Those are not just random leftover blocks. They were made for a reason and rather than try to find them when I want, I decided to put them on the back of the quilt.

The backing
 Next up was to find some binding.  I have NO greens that match that fabric.  I want to say that I bought the fabric at a garage sale on Salt Spring Island a number of years ago. There was 1 1/2 or maybe 2 meters and that was it.  A very weird shade of green.  I found this black fabric with the same shade of green and that clinched it for me. This is the binding!  I know - weird choice with the dark, but I just want it done.

Binding fabric chosen

It's a decorator fabric - 54" wide so only four strips were needed and the binding was made!

Backing, top and binding - DONE!

As I was working, I was getting frustrated.  Stuff piles up on the cutting table and there is zero room to work. I've been known to do a clean sweep. Yes - literally, depending on how frsutrated I am, I'll just swipe EVERYTHING onto the floor. Well ,not the mats and rulers, but you know what I mean. I'm still cleaning up from the last time I did that. But this was getting out of hand again. (I've got to figure out how to fix this issue! besides sewing faster!)

Messy cutting table - no room
After the clean sweep - the mess is gone
 Yes, the mess is gone. Not dealt with 100%, but better. I was on a roll yesterday and the floor around the ironing board is CLEAN.  I even got out the vacuum and swept up all the dust and threads. Emptied the garbage and as you can see from the scrap basket in the photo, it was definitely time to get some pet mats made.

I keep my serger on the same table as my sewing machine and I fired it up and made covers for two pet mats. One of them is partially filled from the scrap basket. The other is waiting!

Serger and sewing machines - at the ready!

I love having all my tools handy and these two machines share the same outdoor mat (on the floot) to keep the foot pedals from sliding everywhere.

Now that the cutting space was clear, it was a breeze to work on my next project.

Easy to work on projects when the table is clear!

I will share with you tomorrow what I accomplished yesterday. I surprised myself. I'm thrilled with what got accomplished.  Today I have to work on a deadline project. While I'm happy to work on anything, it was fun to get a lot done on a long overdue project!

Speaking of roll - it's Roll up the Rim at Tim's again.  A surprise event for Canada Day.  While I've had a few teas since the event started, I've only won one free item.

 Normally I get this!

Not a winner

Speaking of Canada Day, I think Lexi would like to share with you what her and Murphy did for Canada Day. Clearly she wasn't impressed!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!



  1. I contacted the feral cat program in Lyndhurst and they are a small operation so have no need for pet mats. They only use them for the kittens and only 12" square.

    1. Thanks Mary. I'm going to start throwing stuff out soon!