Thursday, July 13, 2017


I'm shocked that my colleagues think I have a shopping problem!  I can't imagine where they get that notion from.  I don't shop a lot - well not nearly as much as I used to, but  I always have lots of show n tell from my stash.

Here are some of my latest purchases from Thimbles and Things.  I did buy a lot of "boring" low volume neutrals. My plan is to some day get my design head in gear and focus on using them up.  But don't worry - I do have a design already done that's going to be published and it uses low volumes for the background. 

You know that I can never resist buying Halloween fabric.  There was the cutest charm pack of Halloween fabric.  This is totally Laura's fault that I bought this. She bought one first and made a big tote bag from it. I may have that picture somewhere. Damn her!

Halloween charm pack

I also found this little pack of embellishments in the sale bin. I couldn't resist it since I have a project in mind for this colorway.  No wait - I have the fabric pulled, but NO DESIGN yet.

Cute pack of coordinated trims

Speaking of design, oh my - I had an interesting session last night. Trying to get the last of the items completed to post on QUILTsocial and well, I was on such a whirl, I couldn't sleep. So yes - I was up at midnight, cutting, pressing and sewing and making up the project as I went along. I'm thrilled with the end result.  I'll be describing the design process in that blog post so be sure to watch for it. It was pretty funny what happened.

I managed to drop that tire off at the garage last night and do a few errands while I was in that neighbourhood.  I checked all the other tires and it appears that this was in fact the same tire with the cut in the side. I thought the cut looked different, but nope - same tire.  There was also a screw embedded in the tire. It didn't look new, but between the two issues, the tire has to be replaced.  $250!  At least I don't have to buy two tires and the new one will get installed later today!

My brain is bursting with quilt designs.  It's almost like an addiction that is worse than the sewing part. Why?  Because you can design something fairly quickly - well I can.  But there is one collection that I absolutely love, but am struggling to come up with something that I like.  Why???  I've no idea. I've spent a lot of time with the collection and have designed a couple of quilts, but nothing that I'm super excited about.  Have a look at Northcott City Scene.  Any suggestions???

Well back to finishing this blog post. It's taking me forever today.

I found this great saying on my daily quote calendar.  Imagine if the whole world followed this philosophy.  Unless what makes you comes alive is bad - like candy or drinking or worse!!!

Inspirational quotation

Oh - here is one more thing I bought.  Another license plate for row by row.  This is number three.  I have a feeling that this might be the last year for Row by Row!  It would appear that the enthusiasm from consumers is down significantly. It also appears that fewer shops are participating (my guess only) and it certainly seems that fewer stores have license plates to sell (thank god!)

Row by row license plate - number three or is that four?

Now if you're into reality TV, you're going to love this next link.  It's a reality quilt show!!!   Done by a shop in the US.  I've only watched the first episode and it looks amazing and FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!  I want to run one or participate in one.  Anyone game?????

You have to see this.

On that note, I've got to get my butt in gear.  I've have my fun of designing and now it's time to get some real work done.

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. Cute Halloween fabric, saying and license plate.

  2. Fun for you maybe but I got stressed just watching the video. I will be watching the rest of them because it's also fascinating. I actually found it "delightful"

    1. I know - he seemed to like the word delightful! I was stressed too - don't worry!