Sunday, July 9, 2017

Retreat - Day Four

And just like that - we're going home today.  ACK!  It seems like we just arrived yet we've done so much.  AND so much more that we could do (lots in those project bags that haven't been touched!) BUT, the good news is that I got a couple of things done that have been sitting around for a while. And I'll be taking pictures of what I got done when I get home.  I've not been good at taking pictures of us and what we're working on. I'll try to grab a few today. 

I got the borders on the batik quilt that I had sewn the day before. Based on the size (and the fabric that I had), I decided to only put one border on the sides - nothing on the top and bottom. I had two pieces of pink batik. I thought they were the same, but realised after I started to cut that they were not. Of course, I started with the smallest piece. So I was able to get four strips which was enough for the side borders.  I think it will be OK and despite the missing fabric, I really think it will look fine with just one side border. I also made the binding which is also pink batik, but slightly different fabric from the borders. No one will know. 

That went into the done bag. Oh yes - there was that darn sale at the quilt shop. We all trundled over early -  a big shout-out to Sue at Thimbles and Things.  There was some free stuff, there were lots of sale items and lots of fabric to buy! I think it's a bad sign when you compare how much you saved at the end of the shopping trip.  Some of those saved amounts - well we won't go there to protect the innocent or are they the guilty? I think this is the first time that the entire group was in the shop at the same time.  Even on all my other retreats, it's very rare (or none existent) that everyone goes at the same time. But they were ready - lots of staff on hand, FOUR cutting stations. 

I did not get out on the bike although the day was perfect.  It wasn't hot, it wasn't humid but after the shopping trip, I decided to take a break.  My knee feels pretty good today.  I won't go out today as that would seriously cut into the sewing time today since we have to be out of here by 3 PM.  And we have to worry about traffic on the way home, although I'm just going to get in the car and drive. We had a great debate about using the WAZE app.  Even if this app is in your car on your phone which is attached to the car. Apparently this app will ask you questions that require you to hit the screen.  Yes - just like your radio or your built-in navigation system, but total distraction!  I won't use it.  I don't have my phone attached to the dash.  When it beeps or buzzes with a message - how many people can refrain from seeing who sent them a text?  Not happening in my car!

It's funny as I barely use apps on my phone.  There are a couple, but there is no time to figure them out. And I don't chat to other people about the apps, (except Ronda who rides the train everyday and has time to play!).  And I usually don't have time to mess with the app if I found it. I'm just an old fashioned girl when it comes to that. 

However we did discover one thing about my phone yesterday.  I do take a lot of pictures and there are some that need to be deleted and there are some that need to be moved to my computer.  The phone has literally run out of storage. 32 GB of storage. I've tried to connect the phone to the computer and just move them over. While the computer recognised that a device was attached, it never found the pictures.   It should be an easy process.  Well, with Ronda here, we figured out that I had to "allow" the phone to let that happen and immediately the phone became an extension of the computer.  DUH!!!!  So I proceeded to transfer all the photos (almost 3,000) of them to the computer. I did delete a few once they were moved over - there are a ton that need to be deleted. Many I take for the blog and that's it, but there are a few that I want to keep. 

And the other thing about technology is that apparently the GPS also has a traffic alert system in it. I've never had my Garmin tell me about traffic, but then I'm going to and from work in the traffic and I never plug in a destination. I'm going to try a destination on my way home today to see if it gives me alternate routes.  I'm very surprised at how tech savvy some of my friends are!  It appears that those that work are the most tech savvy.  Except me of course! 

Alas, Ronda was NOT able to fix the Scrabble problem on my phone.  It just won't connect, however we decided that it could be something within Facebook that is preventing the connection and I haven't gone over there yet. 

Oh - the storage on the phone?   I moved 16 GB of pictures to the computer.  HALF of the available storage.  There are more pictures on the phone that were in different directories - I must move those as well!

Back to sewing. I brought another troublesome project with me.  Tonga Rhapsody.  There are five columns in this quilt.  Very fiddly to sew together as the seams that you have to match are on the diagonal so you can't just nest the seams. There were two sections that had to be added and I struggled to get those done. I think they are OK - after a few ripping sessions.  I'll lay it out when I get home to see if any other seams are off.  It's so busy, you wouldn't notice. But I'd know!  And I think I was coming off a sugar high and running out of steam when I was working on that.  We had a blind taste test between M&M's and Smarties - everyone but one knew which was which. We also tried M&M peanut butter versus Reese's Pieces.  It was funny how people said - I know that shape!  Anyway, the extras were on my sewing table and I ate them! Then I crashed!

I had a repair job on one of my tote bags.  This was the one that I made at the last retreat and I accidentally put a slice in the top of the lining (thought it was the bottom and was cutting the corners out.  I had to rip the opening in the lining out, some of the top stitching and the seam to hold the lining and outer bag out. Then I inserted a key fob and resewed everything. But not before I took a flying trip to the quilt store as the swivel hook that I brought was way too big for my strap.  Sue had the perfect size.  The bag is now done!  That was an ugly job to do!

I started to work on a small wall hanging that has been to many retreats.  There are two of Deb Tucker's rulers in the bag and as I had taught this wall hanging, I thought a lot of it was prepped.  NOPE - there was only a few small pieces that were prepped.  Nothing much was cut so rather than put it back in the bag for next time, I decided now was the time to get it done.  I made all the flying geese last night, so the Wing Clipper ruler can go on the tool wall back home.  I'm in the process of making the next big step and I can't count worth two cents or so it seems so I will finish that unit up this morning.  If I could get all the components made and get the second ruler out of the project bag, that would be good and I might leave it for the next retreat to assemble the components. 

I did run around the neighbourhood with my camera and the quilts I'm photographing.  I'll have to show you a couple of spots where I took the photos. It was pretty funny, but I liked the shots. Again - hard to really see on the camera. The big pig was not out yesterday morning despite the fact that it was cool.  I'll try one more time today. 

We played another game of Scrabble yesterday and I went from total loser the previous day to winner!  It's all on the random letter selection for me and my opponents. Or maybe it took me a game to get back in the saddle. .Or maybe it was my counting skills?

What did I bring for pictures for the blog today?  Stuff that I worked on last week at Monday.  Monday was a holiday and the Monday group was sewing.  So I popped over to sew with them.  I did get a lot done. By the way, if you live in the area and are interested in the Monday sewing group, let me know.  There is a room for one or two people due to people moving.  It's cheap, free parking and loads of fun!

I started out by putting the binding on one of the quilts that I had made almost two years ago.  The edges of the quilt were serged, but no binding. The quilt now has a binding. NO - I didn't use that little label as this isn't likely a quilt I'll keep in my personal stash.  Well - I guess I will.  Oh shoot - should have used the label.  I'm thinking I need to tape those labels to my sewing machine!

Binding on the quilt - DONE

Then I had another quilt top that I sewed together.  Well technically speaking. Here is the top. 

Quilt top sewn together
This is a free download pattern by me by the way.  If you want you can go to the Northcott website to get it. You could substitute any horizontal panel in there.

This particular one is a quilt that was printed digitally (for display purposes only!). I've already made one for my presentation, but we had several copies of it and I decided it would make a good gift. The quilt was printed in two pieces. It had to seamed together. Can you spot the join?

Where's the join?
And I got the backing made for this one.  Didn't have any fabric for binding (but now I do).

Quilt top and backing are done!
Here's a picture of all those brown strips that I need for the borders and the binding for those construction quilts and isn't that blue one of the magazine quilts?  This picture must be a week old because that quilt is long gone. But I'm working hard to get things done!

Borders cut waiting to be sewn

The one thing that I'll give myself credit for (as if I deserve it!) is that while I'm starting a lot of projects, there isn't too many that are getting shelved as a UFO.  I'm trying to get them done, I'm trying to get the UFOs done and so little is not getting done.  My biggest issue is those darn scraps.  I hate to put them in the stash as they will accumulate. Or I decide to make another project with the leftovers.  I've got to figure that one out!  If I were Shirley - once the project is complete - the leftovers becomes scraps.  OK - now to figure out who to give them to and NOT become stuck in someone else's stash.

I have a couple of small projects that I need to finish today so I can photograph them for my computer deadline.  Those will be on the agenda for sewing today once I finish the components for that other project. See how bad I am with prioritising!  I'm not sure how much of the deadline I can get done today.  I've done a great job with the main part - it's the editing now that will take some time. That is on the agenda for tonight when I get home. I will meet most of the deadline.

Oh yes - I forgot to tell you about our lunch yesterday.  I was on the cook schedule for lunch. I decided to surprise everyone and have the lunch catered!  I know - what a lazy retreat person.  No one really asked what I was going to cook and I could have told them what we were having, just not how. I hadn't brought any groceries although you can't really tell that by looking in the fridge which is still jammed with food. I did go to the grocery store after our quilt store stop, but that was to buy candy!  I thought I had better go to the kitchen around 11:30 just to show that I was attempting to put something together.  Then the owner of the retreat house and her boyfriend popped over to drop off our catered lunch.  OH MY GOD - while we've eaten like queens while we've been here, the minestrone soup was to die for.  The wraps were giant and yummy and there was chocolate covered strawberries. It was worth every penny!   Thank you - Fireside Retreat!!!    Guess what we had for dinner?  Yep - the leftover soup and wraps and other leftovers in the fridge.  I'll be sending out notices for our signups next year.  I have a feeling we'll be full - I've booked four of them again!

On that note - it's still quiet in the house and I can get some more computer work done before the others get up!  And cook my oatmeal!

Have a super day!!!!


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