Friday, September 29, 2017

A wee bit frazzled

Let's just say that yesterday was one of those days where nothing goes right. No that's not quite right, but what was supposed to be a quiet, productive day literally turned into a circus!

I was supposed to be working from home. I do that occasionally if I have some serious writing to do which I did. But I was mostly working from home because someone had a quilt that was work related and they were using my long arm. They used to have a long arm just like mine so I knew they wouldn't need a lot of hand holding. However it's just one more distraction in the day as you chat with them from time to time. 

The landscape guy was also here to clean up the yard before the fall.  Shoot - I should take pictures as it looks pretty awesome!  But when DH left, he left the dogs in the backyard with instructions to get me to bring them into the house when he needed to leave the gate open. You know where this is going - right?  Then the cleaning lady showed up - I had forgotten she was coming. So there was a LOT of commotion happening in and out of the house because don't forget, Lexi and Murphy are here! 

Next thing I know, I hear the landscape guy and the cleaning lady calling Lexi and yep - she slipped past the guy when he opened the gate. Poor Sharon on the long arm was left to fend for herself as I grabbed Lexi's leash and proceeded to get out into the forest. Then I came back to put on running shoes and to put Murphy in the house as she wasn't happy and I didn't want to encourage her to jump the fence. 

No luck on finding Lexi but I ran into my neighbour who was walking her dog in the forest and I asked if she had seen her. Nope!

Back to the house. Lexi has my phone number and our address on her tags so hopefully someone will find her. I mean - I can't wander the forest all day - I have work to do. Murphy was pretty quiet - where's my sister?

Lexi wrote her side of the story because she thinks I will misrepresent her!

Then about three hours later, my cell phone rings and of all the people to call me, but it's Rhonda - my neighbour that I ran into earlier. Her gate was open because she was having some work done on the house and Miss Lexi poked her head in to check it out.  That was a most bizarre coicidence.  So I marched down the street with the leash and harness to bring the escapee home. 

Everyone was happy that Lexi was found and now I could seriously get back to my day.  I did manage to get over 15,000 FitBit steps yesterday. Something that I haven't done in a long time!

Everyone was gone by 3 PM. I did get some work done but it was a stupid day.  Hopefully, one not to be repeated in a LONG LONG time. 

Have a great day!!!!


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