Monday, September 11, 2017

Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday morning to everyone!  It's Motivational Monday - my favorite day of the week!  It's a day to reflect on what we've done this past week, what needs to be done and perhaps what needs to be given away, abandoned or otherwise disposed of!

I have a major task ahead of me which you'll be hearing about as I move forward with the project and I've recruited my Monday sewing group to help out. Today it's all about cutting and prepping as most of the group - well a good number of them are away on a bus trip!  Next week, they'll all be sewing like busy little bees. The fabrics are all pressed and ready to cut - I've packed two rotary cutters - I should throw in another blade just in case!  So that is part of what I did this past week - OK - I pressed all the fabric this morning!

I'm almost finished up those blog posts - just a tad behind the eight ball on that one, but I had some more quilting to do in order to take pictures.  The quilting on one project is complete (it's a bag - yep - another one!)  You can never have too many bags!  I finished off the bag last night including the bag bottom insert!  It's DONE!  I timed myself last night - if I have the handles done, the lining prepped (pocket on or not) - I like pockets) and the front and back pieces are quilted and ready, it takes me 40 minutes to sew the pieces together. Perfect - I have ONE hour for my upcoming project in order to finish a bag so I think I'm good!

I know that doesn't make any sense to you at all, but it does to me.

In between sewing and sorting of quilt tops, I managed to finish another book.  Oh boy -- I really shouldn't be reading that much, but it's still nice outside and I sit on the deck and the girls are so entertaining to watch. They are so like two human siblings in how they tease each other!

This is what the "to be quilted" area looked like yesterday morning.

To be quilted area

And this is what it looks like this morning. The tubs stacked against the wall are complete according to the master list!

To be quilted area this morning

I know - it doesn't look much better but in fact, it is.  I've gone through 8 of the 14 tubs (Gulp!) and everything is as per my list.  That list is an absolute necessity.

I don't have that many customer quilts anymore, but there are a few and I'll be working on those. I did load a massive one on the long arm yesterday. I had hoped to quilt it as well, but, that book called me instead!  It has to get done this week because I have urgent ones that need to be quilted and I'm not taking this one off until it's done!

I did find a quilt top that I've been looking for forever!  It was tucked INSIDE the batting that was designated for it!  Oh boy!  At least the tops are sorted by group/customer/mine, etc.  Mine are listed in a book depending on which tub they are in and that's a big help.  What I need to do next time when I rifle through the containers is to make a note of which tubs I opened. There's no need to go through them all each time I have to put things back. That will save more time. See - I just found some more time!   I'm pretty excited to go through those tubs - so many nice quilts. I'll never use them - so I must get them quilted and give them away or sell them or something. But at least there is a top, the backing, and the binding in all cases - so easy to sort out!

As I was working this morning, my thoughts turned to next year. What goals will I set myself?  I was thinking it might be a good idea instead of finishing the bigger UFOs is to focus on the little things that need to be done.  Like finish hand stitching (or machine) the binding on a quilt, sew the sleeve on, put on the label - that kind of thing and add the borders/binding/backing to a couple of tubs of quilts that just need that done.  I think that would make more sense and I'd be able to clear up a LOT of stuff in a fairly short time.  So I think that will be my goal.  That is going to require some major list making and sorting, but that's a good thing!

Now here's something else to contemplate.  I have a number of quilts that I've completed. Never put a label on them - the intention was when I gave them away, I would put a label on.  So - what if I were to go back and insert my little tag label and call it a day?  I'm thinking that would be great - the quilt goes out with some form of identification, but it doesn't need a huge label with a story if the quilt was made as a sample or otherwise doesn't have a label.  Yes - it would be nice to put the pattern/credits on, but if the quilt is going to a non-quilter - what do they care?

Then my other goal could be to make a web site and put the quilts up for sale?  Or just find a home for them so they are gone.  There're lots that I use for my trunk shows, but there are some that I don't.  Those could go!

Well, that's something to contemplate as the end of the year draws near.  I'm not any closer to getting my UFO's done.  Wait - that's not true!!!  I was using some blocks as my ender and leader and I'm getting close to having those blocks completed for the March UFO!  Lots and lots to contemplate as the year draws to a close.  The biggest thing is that almost everything that I started this year - I've finished and that's HUGE!

Time to get the day started - well I mean really started!

Have a great day!!!!


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