Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cutting marathon!

It would appear that I have a LOT of cutting to do.  I"m not sure how that happened. Oh, I know. Getting volunteered for a job and also trying to finish off existing commitments. 

Plus I found a new purpose for my empty laundry basket!  I had a bunch of strips to cut - 1 1/2" strips.  Eight different fabrics - 40 strips PER fabric. Yep - that's a lot of strips.  But they are done!

Lots of strips cut and bagged
Actually, I cut 41 of each as I need one for my sample which I hope to start sewing today. I also cut out a small project that will become a free pattern which you'll see more of next week. 

But while I was cutting, I ran into a small issue. I had pressed all the fabrics so they were nice and crisp.  I carefully (and individually) laid each one out on the cutting mat. And I trimmed the end and then I cut.  At one point, I ran the rotary cutter along the ruler and oops - there is something here that doesn't sound right. Or I should say, doesn't feel right.  

I checked and OH CRAP - I just ran over a hand sewing needle. Where the needle came from, I've no idea. I haven't been doing any hand sewing, all the fabrics had been gone over with the iron and yep - I ran over that stupid needle. 

A bad thing to find on the cutting mat

Well you know me - let's see how badly damaged the blade is?

Oh, shoot - there's a nick in the blade!

Just what you don't want when you have a lot of cutting to do.  I thought I would struggle through (why I've no idea!).  I did get all the cutting done, but I really really must change that blade before I start cutting the next section.  GRRRR!  And just like that - $10 down the drain!  Thankfully it wasn't a new blade and probably time that it was changed anyway!

I'm on my own this week.  That mean's that I'm responsible for making my own dinner and keeping the joint tidy and the grocery shopping!  I think I'm doing a pretty good job. My neighbour dropped off some fresh from her garden cherry tomatoes which I've been feasting on all week (besides other things as well!).  And the weather is so nice, I've been stealing moments in the evening on the deck (when I should be cutting) where I read my book (yes - well into the next one) and have the girls entertain me. No loss of entertainment there!

On that note have a super day!!!!


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