Sunday, September 10, 2017

Stick my head in the sand!

I don't watch TV, but I do have some occasions to watch TV - like when I'm at the gym. It does pass the time by quite quickly to watch a morning show while plugging out steps on the cardio machines. But the moment my 30 minutes are up, the TV shuts off!  So onFridayy, I'm watching and they run a trailer for the movie IT by Stephen King!  Can't watch, can't watch!  I'll have visions that won't be pretty. I read the book many years ago and well, my imagination was enough for me!  I know Ronda posted a picture a while back of the empty yellow rain slicker!  Yikes!  I simply looked down for the duration of the time the trailer was on the screen!

There's a major, major event happening in the world right now and while I'm not watching it on TV, I'm checking the newsfeed on the internet. I'm not sure why I (among many others) are mesmerized by these news feeds?  It is a terrible terrible thing that is happening to the people of the Caribbean area and I feel for them all. What drives me crazy is that the news people feel they have to be there to report on the situation.  And one of them was asked the question "if you don't need to leave, why do we?"   Good point and one that the reporter NEVER answered!

Listening to what is happening and how upside down these people's lives are and those recently in Houston or for that matter in any of the major disasters that have hit our world lately. Imagine leaving your home with what few possessions you can tuck in the car and not knowing if anything (including your home) will be there when you come back.  That's pretty scary but becoming a bigger reality as we move forward. We're very fortunate where we live, but it could be us!

Just one more reason to think about all the stuff we own and ask ourselves - what is important? If you had one hour to evacuate your house - what would you take?  Maybe the rest of it you don't need!

I'm really liking my pared down office (OK - so I still have a long, long way to go, but it's so much better).  While I'm waiting for pictures to load, I can file a few pieces of paper in the small stack that is on the slate for that day.  I actually feel like I'm getting ahead of the game!  What a super feeling that is!  Once I get all the paper filed in the filing cabinet, it'll be another job to cull what doesn't need to be there, but this is a very very good start for me. Don't worry - I question myself every day - "why did I let it get this way?"

I have to confess that I finished that Anne Perry book yesterday - it was GREAT.  I'm very glad I stumbled across her, but I would have at some point as I have one of her books on my shelf. While I was away, I learned of another author - Colin Dexter so I have the first book in that series and I started another book that I had borrowed from the library.  Yep -  I love to read!   Just have to be very careful - when I'm at home, I read during breaks, at lunch and dinner and before bed.  I don't have time right now to sit and read all day!  But the girls and I had fun sitting outside yesterday during the appointed times (OK - I cheated - I did read for a bit more than I stated!  Hey - it's the weekend, I'm allowed!

I made it to the bank and got in line, just in time.  Two minutes later and there was a HUGE line behind me.

And what else did I get done yesterday???

Ronald McDonald quilt - number one - DONE

Ronald McDonald quilt - number two - DONE!
 Both are trimmed and ready for someone to bind them.  I counted and I think there are still eight more to quilt!  They are small and easy to work into an evening, so I hope to get most of them done by the guild meeting next month?  I'll see - my busy season is ramping up and I don't have a lot of extra time!

Then it was over to the sewing machine where I worked on a sample for the PRISM class.  Making great progress with that and it's looking AMAZING!!!!   I didn't take a picture, but if you want to sign up for the class and buy a kit, call The Hobby Horse.  The class is NEXT SUNDAY, but there is still time to get organized.
PRISM squared

My fabrics cut!

Then it was onto the jewelry case.  I wanted to get at least the outer part done.  I ran out of thread part way through, but that was OK.  Since I had marked the Texture Magic, I had to load my fancy thread in the bobbin.  ONE bobbin exactly and it was all done. 

Ran out of thread

All the stitching is done
 I used a variegated thread so it's hard to see but it looks great!

Variegated thread
 And this is what the texture magic side looks like.

Texture Magic is stitched

Then you take your iron and steam the Texture Magic.  No touching the iron to the fabric - just a case of hovering and it shrinks up!

Texture Magic shrinking

Totally shrunk up!
 And what does it look like from the front???

Textured side

It's really hard to see in the picture and I'm not sure that it was worth it, but I'm always up for experimenting.  Now I have to get my list of tasks ready for this week and I'll see if I have time to do any more on this project.

While I was working on the long arm, I took a long look at the mess in the corner.  I had all those quilt tops of mine sorted and stored in totes.  They are labelled and listed in a book.  But after a couple of trunk shows and presentations this past summer, the area looks like - well it doesn't look pretty and things are all over.

A huge mess of quilt tops projects!

Time to get that place back in shape!   There are 13 tubs and maybe 14 with a few more projects added.  I went through the first three this morning and hope to get through the rest today.  It just makes it a whole lot easier to find something when it is exactly where it's supposed to be. And trunk show season is coming up fast.  At least I did sort them according to what I needed more often and I really really should get those ones quilted!

Well, lots of stuff to do and not a whole lot of time, so I must focus on getting and staying organized so I'm wasting time!

On that note, it's time to get the day started (well I've been up for hours!)

Have a great day!!!!!


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