Thursday, September 28, 2017

UFO update

I should leave this for a Motivational Monday post, but I'm going to share it this morning.

I'm making progress on my March UFO. This was a project that I started years ago!  I somehow acquired a whole whack of this fabric collection and had the BRILLIANT idea to make THREE quilts from what I had bought.  One quilt is completely done and was given away years ago.  Number two is together, but it needs borders. Number three (the most complicated) had been languishing forever. Now here's the stupid thing - I believe that only one or two blocks were actually made!   That's enough for me to call it a UFO and needs to get done.  I really really must STOP doing that.

As I've been sewing on other projects, I've been using this as my ender and leader and well - there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Have a peek.

I'm not sure how many 6" (finished) blocks there are, but there are a lot.

Current status of the blocks
 I had a few spare minutes the other day and so I pressed the latest piece that had been sewn on.  As I was pressing, I came across ONE block that I had missed sewing on that last piece.  Now how did that happen?

Ooops - missing the latest piece!
Then I had a few more minutes where I prepped the next section that has to be sewed on.  YES - there are a bunch of little squares that need to be marked and sewn onto the long strip.

Next pieces are prepped

Here's one of the sections that was already sewn.

Last section to be sewn on

And this is what the completed block looks like. I haven't sewn that last piece on, but I think you get the picture.
Final block

Once all the blocks are complete, then I have to put them on the design wall to see what I get. I think it'll be an interesting quilt and I'm glad that I persevered.  Then I have to figure out borders for this one and the other one (or not). Make bindings and backing and then I'll be done.  So yes, I'm getting close and I have a TON of sewing to do in the next while so this is good to use as an ender and leader.  I think I'll be taking some days off (that I'm owed) between now and the end of the year (well, after we're back from Market) and I'll be focusing on those other projects.  Yes - there is time to get the rest done!    It's all a matter of prioritizing and focus!!!

I didn't get any sewing done last night as I had an article to finish for a magazine. It was written, but I needed to edit it.  So that's done. Tonight will be sewing and maybe a wee bit more paperwork.

Oh yes - I had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. Yeah!  No cavities but god - they nag about flossing!  Well not in a bad way, but seriously, let's get over it!  I use those little pick things all the time and I still got the lecture!

And seriously?  How can we go from sweltering hot to freezing cold within 24 hours?  When I left the office yesterday, it was 24, but it felt significantly cooler and it was!  And now I get to wear my new grey hoodie from MSQC!

I see that Miss Lexi was on the computer this morning.  That girl!

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!


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