Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Some advice for my dear daughter!

Children - you love them. You love them a lot, but boy oh boy, they can drive you to drink. A LOT!

Fortunately, that never happened at our house, but there were times. 

Among the issues we had was the constant (or so it seemed) loss of keys. The mail box key, the house key. You try to give your children some responsibility and yet - well we had a lot of lost keys at our house. 

A while back, I was searching under the seat of my car as I had dropped something. Guess what I found?  Yep - that would be a mailbox key from LONG AGO. So long ago, that this key doesn't work anymore because she lost both of the keys and we had to get a new lock installed on the mail box. 

Old mailbox key
Once we got the new keys, I gave her one (why?  - why did she need a key to the mailbox as hardly anyone ever sends anything by mail?  Or perhaps I don't want to know and leave it at that!)

Well, it turns out that she lost that key as well. Not only that key, but the house key along with the mailbox key. Really???  How can you lose those keys and yet NEVER once did she lose the keys to the car.  I could never figure that one out. 

DH was cleaning out his car the other day and guess what he found?  Yep - that would be the missing mailbox (current one) key and the missing house key on a MASSIVE big key ring!

Missing keys

So now DH finally has his own key to the mailbox (what does he need it for?)  and we have an extra house key.

My advice to my dear sweet daughter is - when you lose something?  Check under the seat of the car. I bet you'll find it there!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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