Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Motivational Monday - on Tuesday - AGAIN!

I was so out of the loop yesterday that I didn't even remember about Motivational Monday! 

Not such a big deal since I can't show you what I'm working on!

I've almost one half of one quilt sewn together. That's the one with the pieces already cut and the blocks completed.  It won't take long to get that one done and then to be quilted. A job for the weekend. 

The second quilt - well there was an issue with it. I should have contacted the editor but I didn't. I thought I could "fix" it, but NO.  I don't like it.  Based on that, I thought this quote from my calendar was appropriate. 

Scrapping Plan A

I'm still waiting for a response, but it may involve remaking the top. Thankfully, it's a quick one and not too big so redoing the top won't be an issue.

The fabric for the third quilt was sitting on my desk when I got in yesterday morning. And it looks awesome. One of my favorite collections. It's on the Northcott webpage, but I'm not even going to share that with you!   Perhaps you can pop over to the "Coming Soon" and try to guess which collection has me super excited.

I managed to get part of it cut and the blocks partially made and then I remembered that I need some other fabrics from the warehouse. It's on my "shopping list" for today.   I also forgot to get backing for all of the others so that's on the list today as well.

And I finished the quilt that was on the long arm.   Yeah - it was a big one.  Just needs to be trimmed, but it won't be delivered until Monday so there is time!

Customer quilt - done!
I'm not behind on what I need to get done for work. There's just a lot to be done.  I'm behind on my personal projects. Way behind, but I'm OK with that.  I know that some of the group have been motoring along and finishing projects left and right.  If I only get three UFOs done this year, I'm OK.  Remember if Plan A doesn't work, move on to Plan B. And there's still lots of the year left!  As I've mentioned before, almost everything I started this year, I was able to complete and that's a HUGE success story for me!

Got to make it quick this morning as I'm trying to get caught up. As if that will ever happen!

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I bet I can guess which one it isn't, lol:)

  2. I'm going to guess strokes of brilliance or canvas.

  3. Nope - not my usual colors, but the theme is right on!