Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Organizing stuff!

DISCLAIMER:  This post seems to be about a bunch of random things this morning!

I notice that the quilters didn't always read my blog last week because I was on a cycling trip!  HA - you don't know me - I did talk about quilts as I visited quite a few quilt shops on my bike!  If you thought it was all about the bike last week - guess again!

Have you ever used a spell checker?  Or used Grammarly?  I use both and I love Grammarly. It's great if you do a lot of writing. It checks your grammar and your spelling.  I haven't coughed up for the premium version which also checked more complicated grammatical issues.  It can be temperamental at times - just like all technology is with me!

But I'm noticing more and more (probably because I use this software) that there is a big difference between S and Z.  Take organizing - I usually spell it with a Z but sometimes I'm asked to spell it with an S.  It's the difference between English, American, and Canadian versions of the English language!  Wouldn't it be great if we could all decide on ONE spelling and be done with it! Or more likely there are words that I have consistently spelled incorrectly and finally learning the proper spelling!  Thank god it is OK with multiple exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!

My biggest issue with grammar?  The lowly comma!   I seem to insert it where it doesn't need to be and omit it from where it should be!  My grammar isn't perfect, but it's better and I think my writing is improving?

Have you ever noticed how much creativity there is in this world? Whether I'm in a quilt store or searching online, there are tons of ideas for things to make or buy.  Unfortunately, we don't have time to make them all but it's nice to look. I found some super cute little bicycle things this morning and I want them!   I could probably make them, but will I?? Likely not!

While I was searching the internet, I came across this planning book for quilting projects.

Quilter's Planner

I think the concept of it is great, but since we all work in different ways, it can be very frustrating to work with someone else's design or scheduling process.  What works for me with my Deadline book (which I haven't checked in a couple of days, but I know there are quilts with deadlines in there) and the Task Master (which of course has lots of stuff to keep me busy) won't necessarily work for everyone.

That's why you need to take the advice of me and your friends and explore the options. If you buy just because someone says "it's amazing", you're likely to be disappointed.  If they tell you in great detail how it works or exactly why it's amazing, and you agree with them, you're more likely to be happy with the end product.

And if you can do anything to clear the spaces where you work, you really should strive for that. I'm thrilled with my home office. Absolutely thrilled and I'm haven't even really started the cleaning process!  But the floor is pretty much clear, the surfaces are so-so and with my radio, it's now a happy place to work.  Isn't that silly how we put up with messy environments because we're too overwhelmed or too lazy to do anything about it?

Well here's something else I've done and I may hate myself for it. And yes - I'm spoiled and I'm OK with that. When I was young and was "forced" to dust the family knick knacks, I told my mother flat out - "when I'm older, I'm hiring a cleaning lady".  And that's what I have done pretty much since I left home.  I've gone without other stuff in order to be able to pay someone to clean my toilets.   Now I've asked her to come a few extra times to do more than the basic cleaning.  You know where this is going.  If I say for instance that I want the pantry cleaned out - well, there's a LOT of stuff in that pantry that doesn't need to be there and this will force me to deal with the extra stuff!     Could it be that someday soon, all the clutter will be gone from the living spaces in our house?  Oh, my - the thought of that is so exciting, I can barely stand it!

I'm so ready to pitch and purge (not the studio -that's different!).  Today she tackles the fridge and freezer.  I should have taken a picture before I left home.  There is hardly ANYTHING in there so it'll be easy to move stuff around to clean. But I work full time and I think I'm worth it to have someone do the jobs that I don't like to do!

And that leaves more time to do the things that I want to do!

Here's the funniest thing - last night I got a message from a friend whom I knew was in New Brunswick. She says "I think I just saw your DH board the same plane as me!"   I responded, "Yep - he is also in New Brunswick and was coming home last night."  I knew his flight was delayed and so was hers.  He didn't recognize her, but I was texting them both at the same time!  Turns out he sat just behind her on the plane!   Funny!!!!

On that note, I've got a lot of writing to get done today!!

Have a super day!


PS --- a green light from Grammarly.  Except for the 18 advanced issues!  But I'm not paying $140 for the year to fix those!

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