Sunday, September 3, 2017

Home sweet home!

I had noticed when we were riding around that the gas prices were a bit high. I initially thought it was because we were in Windsor.  Alas, I realized yesetrday that there had been a major spike in gas prices. ACK!!!   This is where you wish you lived closer to where you work and you could ride your bike every day.  I could ride my bike, but it would be about 50 K one way!  A tad too far to make it worthwhile however if the price of gas continues like this - I may have no choice!  That would save on the toll highway charges as well!

I had a couple of stops along the way - the first being in Mount Brydges to the quilt store (Sew Creative) so I could pick up their license plate for Row by Row. And while there, I did find a few other things. DRAT!!!  NO more quilt stores for a while. But as the GPS took me off the highway, I went past a gas bar - Bear Creek Gas Bar which is on First Nations land?  At least it was owned by First Nations (I'm pretty sure).  Anyway as I'm sailing past and see the gas price which was 111.9, I was ticked because I had to fill my tank up about 50 K earlier and it wasn't even worth it for a top up!

But I noticed that they had a barn block on the building. Now it's one thing when you're crusiing along on your bike at 25 K and you see something, you can stop, but in the car - well by the time your brain registers that there is something to see, you make a decision to stop and well - you're already several KM away!  OK - I'm not that slow. Anyway, I thought I'll catch the photo on the way out. Well, I ended up having to back track about 20 K to get that photo but it was a lot easier in the car than the bike.  I wasn't in a hurry to get home and good thing because I spotted another barn block by the side of the road that was a stand alone - not attached to a building.

And let's just say that the word got out about the gas prices at Bear Creek because when I was there the second time, there were LINES of cars waiting to fill up!

I'll be getting a copy of the Thames River Barn Trail book and I'm excited to see how many of them I spotted.  Now that would be a fun bike trip!

Then off to Brantford to visit a friend who has recently moved there. She lives in a beautiful neighbourhood in a beautifully renovated home.  I think the quiet country life might be fun!  Would certainly make it easier to ride my bike!  Got to contemplate that but for the moment, I'm quite happy where I am.

At last I arrived home to have two very excited girls greet me! Well, Lexi took one look and walked away in disgust, while Murphy sucked up enough attention for both!

Instead of getting right to work as I should have as I have a ton of things that need to be done, I grabbed my Anne Perry book (the first one in the William Monk series - the one I bought at the used book store) and started to read. I'm liking the book!  And I checked - she helped to kill her friend's mother when they were 15.  Imagine that!  Now she writes books about murder!  Very ironic!  There are books about her life and I may just read one, but now I've added two more series to my lists. It was in 1954 in New Zealand that the two girls committed murder. Anne now lives in Great Britain and wrote numerous books before her first book was published in 1979. She has 87 books to her credit! A very prolific author!  I notice in her profile that she doesn't say anything about the murder and it was only when a movie was made (Heavenly Creatures) about the girls that this part of her background was discovered.   Interesting - this was Kate Winslet's first movie!!!   OK --- let's not get obsessed here!   But there's even a Youtube of the murder scene!  At 15, they were too young for the death penalty and as part of the condition of their release, they were to never meet each other again!  WOW!!!!    I do have an Anne Perry book in my book shelf so I was destined to stumble upon her at some point!

I decided to venture down to the studio after dinner and puttered around for a while. Trimmed the last of the construction quilts and made another binding.

Four quilts - three bindings

And whilte I was puttering, I found this embroidery that I started and finished while I was visitng my parents. Just needs some borders and then figure out how to quilt it!

Small embroidery project - DONE!

Today, I'm madly taking pictures and writing as I have blog posts that are due very soon. And I have some sewing to do as well. Samples for classes and projects for magazines.  It's going to be a busy day, but a fun day.  No commitments except to pick up a piece of fabric that someone has for me.

Oh - the other thing I did yesterday was spend 71 minutes on the phone with the cable company trying to get my MIL's cable TV working. She lives in an apartment building and it appears that the building cancelled their contract for the cable. Now I'm sure they posted a sign in the building to that effect, but of course, she wouldn't notice something like that.  So after realising what had happened, I was able to get the cable reinstated and now it costs three times as much becuase the basic cable was included in the rent.  We must find out what is going on for new cable services, but in the meantime, having her specialty channels or any TV for that matter keeps her happy.

While I was on hold for long periods of time, I was filing stuff in my office.  And I have to say that I'm liking this sort of cleared space.  It'll feel even better after the next round of cleaning, but I don't think will happen for a while. The trick is going to be to not let it get any worse - we must stay on top of all incoming stuff so that I only have the old stuff to tidy up!  I think I can handle it!!!

On that note - I'm out of here for the day! Well this blog anyway!

Have a great day!


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