Monday, September 18, 2017

Motivational Monday and stuff is happening!

Before I get into the whole focused thing of sewing, here's a website that I found with the CUTEST buttons and charms EVER!!!!   Check it out  -  I'm seeing some super cute ones and some cute ribbon and charms and - oh god!  But it's good to have that kind of embellishment around so when you need something - you've got it.

Matter of fact, I was looking for some small pink buttons the other day. Dug out my button box and there were four beautiful pink buttons in a size that worked for me.  The buttons are for a small wall hanging that is almost done - just needs two borders to be sewn on and then to be quilted.

Oh, let's not forget that it's my week to blog for QUILTsocial as well.  You must check out this week - some super exciting stuff about free motion quilting.  You will learn a LOT by following along this week.

OK - NOW if you're still with me, here's what happened this week.  Actually mostly this past weekend.

And there are few pictures this morning as most of it - well I'll post the pictures when the items get done or I'm allowed to show you.

The great big quilt on the long arm?  There are two rows left to quilt and that will be done!  That will happen this evening after work.

One of the two quilt tops that had to be sewn is almost together.  Why didn't it get completed?  Because I forgot to bring home ONE piece of fabric that I needed for it.  But it looks awesome - I'm very happy with the results and it should take about one hour to finish.  The binding is made, the borders are cut and the pieces joined. I was even able to sew one piece of the border on the quilt.  Hopefully, that can get completed tonight as well.

The second quilt top is in the works. I've got some of the pieces laid out on the design wall (there's a rotation to the pieces that had to be worked out. And the first section of 14 pieces is sewn together.  That shouldn't take long to finish either, but not sure I'll have time to do that tonight. No worries - next Sunday when I get back home!

I made a couple of blocks for the homework that Joyce will be teaching for me this coming week.  So YES - if you are in the Kaleidoscope class or the Garden Patch quilt, the class is a GO.  Joyce has all the notes and the blocks (well those that are done!) and so you must go to the class unless you happen to be with me on the road trip (which is the case for two of the students!)  I made notes for Joyce and I know she will keep the class entertained!  Make sure you go as she will be taking attendance!

I got the first step of the pieced section done in this massive project that I'm getting people to help me with. We're off to sew on that this morning!  The strips are cut and ready to sew.  Once they're sewn together, they need to be sub-cut and then sewn back together again!

And while I was madly sewing, I was also working on those blocks for my UFO.  Guess what?  I finished that step!   One more row to add!!!!

Blocks are almost done!

I finished the last couple this morning!

As I was writing all that I thought - what else have I done??  There was something else?  Oh yes - I taught a class yesterday and I had to finish sewing the strips sets in the morning!  All the strips sets are done (OK - there are three left in order to make the border!  Oh and a teeny one that I ran out of fabric for.  Good thing I reminded myself that I need to get more of that!   That would be the PRISM squared class.  The quilts are going to look amazing!!!!!   Somewhere I have pictures of the pattern but can't find it this morning.  Here's a link.  

I'm madly crossing things off in The Task Master list. Oh and all of our members of the modern guild are officially in the database!  I have a few more bits of paperwork that need to be done. Because my "hobby", my part-time job and my day job all revolve around the same thing, it's very hard to separate what I do!  So I just work at it all all the time (or so it seems).  I'm pretty good at most aspects, but my weakness is paperwork. No doubt!

I'm reading a non-fiction book at the moment - super interesting about addictions!  And it relates to addictions and technology!  Just wait for it - there are some interesting facts which I'll be sharing with you.  The book is called Irresistible by Adam Alter.

On that note, I'm out of here.  Two crazy days - whoever says they love to travel is out of their mind!  It just means I work like mad to prep stuff before I go away and then work like a dog to play catchup when I get back!  But the days of fun in between?  OK - so it's worth it!

Have a super day!!!!!


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