Monday, October 21, 2019

Free patterns

Phew - it's been a couple of whirlwind weeks. Yesterday was a totally crazy day as we had a full house for Sit n Sew. On top of that, we had our UFO meeting and almost everyone came! Just wasn't enough Sundays in the month to do them on different days! How crazy is that? Oh, and one person came to pick up her quilt. We need a revolving door!

A lot of stuff that's been happening in the last two weeks has either involved travel or full days. This week is the same thing although there is a bit of slack today and tomorrow. Then three full days of meetings. Gosh - it's like I'm working full time! Not really, but it makes me wonder how people do it sometimes. And my weekends are as full as my weeks.

But not to worry, after this week, while the weeks are busy, the days are not completely full. Yeah!!!  I'm behind on my decluttering and especially my paperwork. But that's OK - let's just get those invoices and expenses taken care of and the rest can wait!

There are some tricksters amongst the sewing ladies. At one point when we were upstairs with the UFO meeting, there were a couple of loud laughs downstairs. We all thought that they were having way too much fun without us. I said that I was the only one in both, but I forgot about Liz and Ronda. Turns out those big uproars of laughter were staged! Oh my - we got such a chuckle out of that.

I have loads of pictures to post, but I just can't wrap my head around that this morning. I'm going to give you some links to keep you busy.

Why would I do that? Because as I'm flipping around the internet and I find a link that I think you would like, I keep the window open. Let's just say that there's a LOT of windows open and I need to start addressing them. Some of them are for me alone and some are for you.

Here's one that I think is pretty cool.

It's a link to a whole pile of free patterns. Someone compiled this list of free patterns and tutorials. If you scroll on this link, you'll find one of my patterns in there. You're looking for this quilt. This one is posted on the Northcott website. It's made from the Canadian Provincial panels that they printed several years ago. I LOVE this quilt.

Coast to Coast to Coast

There are FIVE pages of pictures and links to tutorials, videos, or patterns. YIKES!!! I only scrolled through page 3 (Thanks to Jane for the heads up!). I see several that I would be quite interested in. I'm NOT printing any pattern. I might bookmark one or two of the most interesting ones. You can switch to a new page at the bottom of the link.

So - take some time to scroll through those pages. While there are lots of interesting things, you already have a lot on your plate - right?? So pick one or two of your absolute favorites. Bookmark the page and then come back tomorrow to see if you really, really want to make that project.

OH MY -- I started back on page one. I don't have time to check through the entire 5 pages at the moment. It's Monday Sewing and I do need to get myself organized for that. NO - I'm organized, I just need to walk the girls before I leave.

For some reason, I'm reading less and less of my favorite action/murder/mystery books. After finishing The Winemaker's Wife (Kristin Harmel) last night, I need a break. It was an interesting story with a twist right at the end - well, I should have seen it coming. But it took place during WWII and it was sad and very frustrating. The characters were extremely frustrating and why did they act the way they did? It doesn't make sense. My current audiobook is a story about women living in Afghanistan - A house without windows by Nadia Hashimi. Yep - time to get back to something "light" like a good murder mystery.

OK - I figure there is enough on that link of free patterns to keep you busy this morning.

Have a super day!!!!!


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