Saturday, October 5, 2019

More training

I'm happy to report that I ate much healthier yesterday and my stomach thanks me for it. I guess I'm just not used to all kinds of sauces and rich food. Still, the portions are huge but when it's a salad with no dressing - that's OK.  The meat portions here are HUGE. I don't mind to eat meat, but the portions would feed me for a week back home.

I can't imagine eating all this food and not getting some exercise. We have a couple in our group who are into the gym. I don't need to do the gym here. If I have a chance to get outside and just walk, that to me is way more exciting than going to some boring old gym and working out on a bike. I can do that at home any time, but walk in the desert? Nope - can't do that at home.

I was out again yesterday into the desert. OK - so it's not really the desert, the trail basically winds alongside the road on one side and the golf course at some point. I'm amazed at how many people are freaked out because I went out by myself. Seriously??  Where is your independence people? If I had to wait for someone to be with me to do things, I'd never get half of the things done that I want.

I'd never have half of the adventures that I have. Nope - I learned years ago, just do it! Take that hike. Go exploring. Besides, I LOVE the solitude. I truly appreciate being here, but sometimes it's just crazy noisy and it drives me nuts. Like our team dinner last night. So loud in that room, I thought I was going to die.

So when we're all sitting in the nursing home - remember to use your inside voices, please!!!

We had another very exciting day training on some of the new stuff. Oh my goodness. That's all I can say because if I say more - well, I can't until it's been released to the world. But super exciting. There are a couple of features on the Husqvarna Viking DESIGNER EPIC 2 that I thought I might not like or I couldn't really understand them, but holy - when I got to experience them in real-time? Oh yes - these features are super cool. That's all I'm going to say for the moment.

That took up the entire day! It's a lot to absorb and so many people are trying to complicate their lives by making complicated samples that they can carry with them. I go for simple. Wait until you have dedicated time to make complicated. I'm perfectly OK with that.

I have to say that I feel very lucky to be part of this team. We get to see and touch and play with the new stuff before anyone else has a chance to see it. OMG - I can hear the coyotes howling outside the window. Just for a brief moment. Now they're gone.

Plus we get to meet the people that create this stuff and that's super exciting. How the heck do they come up with the ideas? There's going to be a whole lot more of that coming up as the week progresses. That's what I like!

OH - so yesterday morning, all the educators brought their challenges to our meeting. We didn't get a chance to see some of them. Mine was so big that I didn't have a bag for it so most people got to see it. I did see some of the others. HOLY - what level of creativity. I'll be taking pictures of those when they are finally on display. It just amazes me how much people can go in so many different directions with the same instructions. Sometimes, I feel like I'm not worthy to be among these super creative people. I know I have my own skill set and I'm proud of what I know, but sometimes.....  But I don't let that bother me.

It's a super opportunity to learn about things that I never thought of and that's from some of the other educators. I'd love to pick the brains of some of the educators because they know these machines and techniques and adjustments inside out. I guess I do as well, but there are times when I become stuck in a rut and I don't think to move outside the box. I know - now that I think of some of the things I learned yesterday, I wonder why I didn't try a different thing. I'm pretty good at trying different things, but sometimes - well we just get stuck!!

I'm trying to touch base with all the educators because they all have a different skill set and the more options I have to get information? The more I learn!

I don't have pictures for you this morning. I took a couple, but I'm not allowed to post them until things get underway here which will be sometime late tomorrow afternoon. Then it'll be three days of heads down, assisting in classes, teaching in classes and so on. I can't wait!!!!!

Gosh - what am I going to do with myself? Breakfast isn't for another two hours!! I do have my walk to do and then I still have one small part of a sleeve to sew on a quilt. I guess I'll get that done this morning.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!


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