Friday, October 11, 2019

Travel Day

I'm HOME!!!  Murphy was quite happy to see me when I arrived home. Lexi was outside and came out from her outdoor home under the shed to say hello and then stayed out. I'm NOT that exciting in her world. She's like me - very independent and likes to be alone!

Holy - it's the Friday of the long weekend! How the times flies when you're having fun. It was a bit tough to get up this morning, but now that I'm up - it's time to get rolling. I've got Sit n Sew today and I haven't even checked the status of the studio. I know machines are sitting on the tables that need to be moved, but I think that's all.

And I'm having oatmeal for breakfast! Yeah! I didn't step on the scale - that's a job for tomorrow. I don't think I put on any weight with all the walking. It's more what I ate than how much I ate. A wee bit too much sugar but that can be fixed. I noticed that the meals were very heavy on the meat where we were. I'll suggest that we have less meat and more veggie options for next time.

Since we had to move to the casino hotel, it's been great to have the coach buses to transport us, however on the last morning, we had to use the hotel shuttle. Hey - no problems. One must be very flexible about travel. Things happen. It just happened that a lot of people were transporting their luggage as well. BIG suitcases. MULTIPLE BIG suitcases. It became a game of how many people and their luggage they could get on the shuttle.

This is where strategy comes into play. If you get on the shuttle to help load luggage, then you're guaranteed a seat because you can't get off! My large suitcase was back at the other hotel, so I had nothing with me as we were coming back later to the casino hotel to check out. Phew!!!

On the hotel shuttle

It was a small group at breakfast. The dealers were on their own. It was a wrap-up breakfast and then we were basically dismissed from duties. Well, the freelance educators were. Our flight wasn't until much later in the day so I pitched in to help. I mean, what else was I going to do?

It was about 10:30 when the Canadian crew was able to leave. Back to the casino hotel to kill a couple of hours. I took care of the luggage for our team as they continued on the shuttle to the Outlet Mall. I got the last of my luggage packed, ordered our transport to the airport and then I had time to kill.

I decided to walk to the Outlet Mall. I mean - it wasn't far. I wandered through the casino and popped out the door closest to the mall.  A short walk - I mean 10 minutes and I was at the mall. Matter of fact, there's a nice pedestrian pathway to the mall. TEN minutes. I was looking for something to eat. I wanted something healthy so I found a nice salad and a protein shake. I was in my glory!

Inside the casino

The day was gorgeous. I walked back to the casino hotel and found one of my travel mates in the lobby. It was getting close to pick up time so I got my bags from the room and all the luggage that I had temporarily checked. Pam and I sat and chatted and one by one, the rest of the team showed up. Our Super Shuttle showed up. Oh boy - that's a LOT of luggage for 6 people. I did mention on the reservation that we had TWELVE suitcases (might have been a wee bit more) and I think the driver was going to faint. But it all fit in the back of the van and we were off. It doesn't look like a lot here, but there were at least TWELVE large suitcases.

Our luggage

Having a NEXUS card means I'm always in the TSA pre-check which is most helpful when getting through security. I was through in no time, but we had to wait for some of the others. We didn't even have to remove our electronic devices which is nice. 

We met up with a dealer and proceeded to our gate. Along the way, the others stopped for lunch while I continued to the gate. I had been worried that my luggage would be over the 50-pound limit. One of my colleagues graciously offered to check it for me (she was allowed THREE bags because of her status). My suitcase only weighed 40 pounds. The lightest of her three bags!

Thanks to whoever enlightened me about the entertainment on Air Canada Rouge. I figured out how to connect to their WiFi and watched movies all the way home. I watched Toy Story 3 - OH - I loved the movie, but it's quite sad in some places, but it all worked out.

Our plane landed a wee bit earlier than anticipated even though we left 20 minutes late. We must have had a massive tailwind!

This is another spot where that NEXUS card shines. I was through the security line and waiting for my luggage within mere minutes. I was very lucky as both of my bags came through fairly quickly and I was out of the arrival lounge before the others even showed up. Hey - I wasn't waiting to say good-bye - that's what texting is for. DH was waiting and I was gone!

Of course, it took a wee bit to fall asleep with the time difference, but then I was out like a light!

So the convention was fun. Lots of hard work in case you think we sat by the pool all day, but so worth it. Let's just say that I was extremely happy, learned lots, networked lots - at least with the other educators, but there's no place like home - right Dorothy???

Other than a couple of days of local travel, I think I'm done with road trips and travel for this year. Oh NO - I'm going to miss that!! Well, perhaps I'll have to chat with my travel cohorts and see what can be done about that. But I'd be perfectly happy (I think) to stay home and sew some of the inspiring things that are percolating in my brain. By the way, if you have a neat idea for something you'd like to embroider, e-mail me. I want to try everything and anything!

On that note, I'm out of here to see what needs to be done downstairs before the ladies start arriving at 8:30. I have to unpack my challenge as well as I don't want it squished in my suitcase.

Have a super day!!!!!


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