Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Teaching Ruler Work

At the last minute (I knew late in the afternoon on the day before we left), one of the instructors wasn't able to attend the convention. My classes had low attendance so I was asked to step in. I was asked first if I was comfortable teaching the class which I was. So my class got canceled and I stepped in for the full class.

I didn't have any samples of the ruler work but I had my own quilting samples (and embroidery) packed. That's what got hung up in the room.

The two classes were full! It was a wee bit unnerving as you're not sure of the timing - how long will each step take, etc. I had a helper who was awesome. Thanks, Marsha.

The classroom was completely set up when the students arrived. It's always a mental challenge when there are dealers in the room that you know and will be teaching/lecturing at their stores. But then one must always be a professional in this business because you never know who you will meet along the way.

After running a wee bit short on time in the first class, we sped through the piecing in the second class so we could get right to work on the rulers.

I have to say for the FIRST time ever teaching rulers that the class was pretty successful and people thanked me for the knowledge and the class. I'm sure there will be a few comments about that first session especially since we ran out of time. But that's life and what can we do about it? Move on - that's all.

One lady (who was happy with the class) asked me how long I've been teaching the ruler class. I wonder why she asked that. I didn't confess that it was my first class (well, technically it was my second). But it's also hard when you're teaching a class that someone else prepped and the only fabric and thread you have are what's in the kit. Let's just say that we made do with what we had.

Each day has been totally hectic from the moment we arrive at the convention center until we leave at the end of the day. I haven't had a chance to visit with a couple of the vendors and certainly no time to see the other products that we have on display - the irons and ironing boards for example. Do I need a steamer???

Today, I'm a helper in the class. Now that doesn't mean I can skip out because Marsha was there for me. But it does me that it's going to be a much more relaxed day. Yeah!!!!!

I hope to pop out at lunch and chat with a couple of people. I've got to know my fellow educators a whole lot more during this convention and that's been a very good thing. They are my support peeps and my inspiration. Some of them have been in the business for many, many years. Their knowledge is incredible and just shows me how much I don't know. There are so many samples that I want to make and well - I could be making samples forever. I need to create some that will do double duty!

But that's for when I get home.

Back to the hotel and it's still somewhat light out and somewhat early. It was now 6:20 PM. I hopped on the shuttle bus that would take me to the Premier Outlet Mall. I was told I needed to take a cab (or shuttle) as there was the main highway between. Well, there wasn't but the shuttle driver told me I shouldn't walk through the huge parking lot loaded with huge semi-trucks by myself. So I took the shuttle there and back.

 Now who in their right mind goes to the outlet mall and walks right through the entire length of the mall without stopping to look. Not even window shopping. I thought about it but what do I need? Nothing.
Hanging out at the Phoenix Premium Outlet Mall

I was on the hunt for my geocache so I could claim a find in Arizona. Not that I'm competitive or anything. The cache was slightly beyond the parking lot. There's no grass here and the cache was located in some short scrubby trees. Good god - while it's not pitch black, it's dark. I did think about the night creatures who live in Arizona, but only for a moment. And oh - there's a walking track just beyond the trees. I had no choice but to use the flashlight on my phone. Although as I walked into the trees, I noticed some rocks that didn't look naturally positioned, I still walked around a wee bit.

The cache is hidden in the rocks
After nearly having a heart attack as two jackrabbits hopped out of the bush, I moved the rocks to find the cache. Yeah!!!!!  I logged the cache, got the Arizona claim and I was walking back to the pickup point for the shuttle.

I made it to the cache and back (it was over .5 KM to walk from the shuttle drop off to the cache and then another .5 back), I made it onto the next shuttle back to the hotel.

The cache was hidden in these trees
Now here's the funny part - as I was leaving the hotel, I ran into a couple of educators who had just arrived. They were having dinner in the restaurant and I could join them if I wanted. I didn't think I would make it to the mall and back and still meet up with them. By the time I made it back to the hotel and into the restaurant, they hadn't even ordered their drinks yet. I walk fast, but holy!!!!

So today really will be a totally relaxed day. It's all about networking and now that the class is over and well - it's the last day. What doesn't get done today won't get done until the next convention.

I'm having a total blast although it's a long time to be away from home. Not that I'm homesick, but I do miss the girls and I miss not being able to sew or do my own thing and I miss eating my own food!

We have the tear down to do tonight and tomorrow before we leave and that's always a fun job! NOT!!! Imagine putting all those sewing machines back into their boxes to make them look like brand new! Oh yes - it's a fun task. Thankfully there are many hands. Like last night. Once my class was over, a group of educators popped out of nowhere and helped pack up all the stuff we used in the ruler class. Our fearless leader really is on the ball and things are VERY WELL organized - at least from my perspective.

On that note, I've got to get ready for today!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Sounds like a great convention! Do you use specialty rulers for your ruler quilting?

    1. These are rulers created by Westalee. They have made a three template set especially for Inspira (our notions brand).