Saturday, October 12, 2019

Sit n Sew day

Yep - I'm late this morning! I was tired yesterday afternoon so I took a wee nap. I didn't think it was a long nap, but I guess it was longer than I needed.

I was tired early as well and thought I could sleep through the night. Nope - I was wide awake at 1 AM. Let's just say that it was late when I finally went to sleep, thus late when I got up!

I really tried to rest with the thought of going back to sleep. Instead of wasting my awake time last night, I did get up after lying in bed for a couple of hours. I puttered around the studio trying to put more things away. It must have had a big impression on me because I dreamt about some of the stuff that I was handling! How crazy is that? I have a couple of ideas on more samples that I want to try. Good grief - I didn't need more samples to make. However, I was looking at all the quilting patterns that I own and trying to figure out how to use them.

It was figuring out how to use them or give them away. I spent a lot of money on them  - I figured out some options. Now let's see if we can put them in play.

We had a great Sit n Sew yesterday. I got to see some people that I hadn't seen in a while so it was a great opportunity to catch up. But we also got work done. I must confess that I didn't get much done - I was in slow motion mode yesterday, but I did get two things done or almost done.

The first thing was to finish the eighth (of nine) blocks for the North Star quilt. See what happens when I don't edit the pictures - you get all kinds of extra stuff in there. Too tired to edit photos this morning!

Meredith Muskox from North Star quilt

I do have several folders of edited pictures to share with you and starting tomorrow, I'll be doing that.

Claudette came with one more rug ready to go. This was made with Looney Toon fabric.

Ball of "yarn" ready for a jelly roll rug

Here's the finished rug. Very cool. If you have ugly fabric, this is a great way to get it used up! I'm not saying that the Looney Toon fabric is ugly - just saying that unless you look real close, you don't see what images are on the fabric.

Jelly roll rug

Linda brought a quilt top that she had been working on here and now it's done. There was a LOT of piecing in this quilt, but it looks awesome. I really love this color combination.

Linda's quilt top

Pauline, who has NO UFOS except the three small projects that she worked on yesterday. This is the first one and it's upside down!!! She added the two borders to the center panel. All that remains is to make the binding and get it quilted.

Pauline's project number 1

She also worked on this. It's the background for some laser cut applique which she'll be working on at home. The applique pieces are laser cut so it'll be a simple matter of placing them and fusing in place.

Pauline's second project

She prepped the third project for applique which she'll complete at home as she didn't bring the fusible with her so she could work on it. I didn't get a picture of that one.

Ronda finished the PRISM quilt top. This was started in a class a while back and once she gets the binding and backing assembled, it's ready to be quilted. The colors are MUCH more brilliant in person.

Ronda's PRISM quilt top

Helen Anne was working on some hand applique - a true UFO project and she's making good progress now that it's become her current project. Diane was working on another huge quilt top with loads of pieces. I didn't get pictures of those projects.

I have a couple of errands that need to be done today. Well, they don't need to be done - OK - they need to be done as I have some embroidery to do and I'm out of fabric for this project. A wee shopping trip is in order. I hope to load a large quilt on the long arm today and if I could get a bit more tidying up done, I'd be happy.

I should NOT have had that nap yesterday. I would have been fine without it. Oh well - that three-hour time change is to blame.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!


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