Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ultimate Book of Quilt Blocks - Show n Tell

I'm catching up on all those posts that I had prepped a while back. After today, there's one left and then there are a ton more pictures to edit and the process starts all over again!

So much to do and say and so little time! I made a new TO-DP list and it's mostly e-mails that need to be answered or sent out, invoice and expense reports to prepare and a few technology things to get updated. I need ONE good morning and I would be in better shape but that's not going to happen for a week. How crazy is that?

Today, the show n tell is all about our ongoing class at The Hobby Horse from the Ultimate Quilt Block Collection by Lynne Goldsworthy.

This was the show n tell that came back from the summer. Hmm - notice that with this large of a group that the show n tell is rather small. They are NOT obliged to make anything, but perhaps I'm going to have to start making them some deadlines!

Anyway, here is the small, but mighty homework.

This first one belongs to Sandra. The theme of the month was half square triangles. This is an interesting way to use half square triangles and she's having way too much fun with her embroidery machine. These cute little coasters can be detached from the wall hanging. Hmm - I like those coasters and I know where she got the pattern. I might have to make one or two.

Sandra's coffee quilt

Heather is making five of these table runners! I think she has almost completed them all. The block is from the book and uses half-square triangles and flying geese. She's doing a great job with the free motion quilting as well!!! I hear so many people say "I CAN'T" do free motion. Well, you can't and you won't unless you try. So just give it a whirl. Trust me - the more you practice, the more proficient you become. Remember the 10,000 hours required to become good at something. What would you say to your children if they said: "I can't"?????? Check out that link  - the "experts" are saying that DELIBERATE PRACTICE is way better than the 10,000 hours. That sounds like that takes less time as well!!!

Heather's table runner

This gorgeous block belongs to Judi. It's a pretty neat way to use flying geese. Paper pieced of course.

Judi's flying geese block

This block belongs to Mary. Another very exciting way to use flying geese in a block. Again, this block is paper pieced.

Mary's block
These next couple of blocks belong to Lynne. I love the fabric she used. Except for the very center, the remainder of the purple came from the same piece of fabric. It's one of Northcott's Stonehenge fabrics.

Lynne's block

Lynne's block

Unfortunately, we're finding a few mistakes in the book. One of them was the size of the center section for the block above. The paper pieced pattern was shown at 100% and stated that it was actual size, when it needed to be enlarged by 200%. Hence, Lynne is now the owner of a nice little block. She could reduce the remainder of the sections and make a six-inch block instead of a twelve-inch one. Should we make her do that? Or she could make a coaster from it.

Lynne's teeny center block
These next two blocks belong to Barb. I'm loving that dark background color she has used and the two print fabrics have a touch of that background color in them. The final quilt is going to be spectacular.

Barb's block

Another block by Barb

The last block for today belongs to Kathi. This is from a couple of sessions ago - no worries. There's no time limit. These are the hour-glass blocks. Notice how the color changes in the center create a pinwheel pattern. So much you can do with the hour-glass block.

Kathi's block

There's been so much moving of stuff around and stuff sitting in the hallway, that some people have asked me if I was moving! Nope - that's stuff that needs to be dropped off or picked up! However, I have lost my glasses. I had the darn things on Sunday morning and now I don't. I searched in all the normal places where I would leave them. I was also missing my debit card, but I found that in my wallet! I wasn't using my wallet during the CreativFestival and it wasn't in my little pouch. I didn't move it over. Oh well. One down and one more thing to find.

I don't have a good feeling about the glasses. I'm not sure why. I do have prescription sunglasses that I can use to drive the car or well, I can drive without if I need to. I'm sure they will turn up. Like the time I found them in the Christmas tree when I was packing the tree up after the season was over. Apparently, they were on my head when I was decorating the tree and got lodged in the tree. It was a pure fluke that I found them when we packed the tree away! We got a good laugh over that. I wonder where they could be??? I guess I'm going to have to resort to putting them on a string around my neck!

On that note, I have some paperwork that HAS TO BE DONE this morning before the ladies come for the community projects day.

Have a super day!!!!!


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