Wednesday, October 30, 2019

This is how we tidy up

I had the most amazing day cleaning up. I know - sounds boring, but I'm finding it very therapeutic to sort through things, decide that I do NOT need all that stuff and then devise a way to get rid of it. I have a pile of books about organizing. What am I going to do with those?? I don't think I'm going to need them after all!! While books are good, most books talk about how to organize what you have left - they don't really go into the issues that crafters have with all the stuff. I want to know how to get rid of it, not how to organize it - that's the easy part!!!  Anyway - I did it MY WAY and this time it's going to stick!

I don't have time to load the pictures this morning from yesterday's cleaning session but for anyone who says that I have a lot of stuff? Well - other than that stash room - you'd better watch what you say. And if things go well, that stash room will be a lot lighter as well. My duplicate serger book is also spoken for! Oh yes - there will be no stone unturned in this house. I'm not sure why I wasn't able to stick to it before, but I'm committed.

Have you noticed though that I seem to be very good at skirting around this office? Almost every single space in the house has been touched but not the office. However, as I'm working in the other areas, my mind is thinking about what's in here and I'm prepared to let a lot of it go. I'm running out of areas to tidy up so the office will be next.

It sure makes a difference to schedule those days in my calendar. My next scheduled day is at the end of November. Although now that I'm on a roll, I can spend an hour here and there to move forward. There are a few things left in the furnace room, a few things in the cold storage room and the basement will be done!!!!!  Except for one quilt storage closet that should be reorganized so I can shove more UFO projects in it. Let's say that by the end of the year, I want EVERYTHING in the basement to be organized. That's not a huge task at all. Oh, shoot - I forgot that there are still boxes to unpack. But it's doable and it would be nice to enter the new year with the basement totally organized.

A note about the organizing days. I schedule them in my calendar and I make a HUGE NOTE on the event to NOT RESCHEDULE. It amazes me how people can book a date, a class or whatever. The day arrives, they don't feel like doing it so they don't. Why????

Yesterday, I organized boxes and boxes of stuff for dyeing fabric. So if you know anyone interested in dyeing fabric, I have four boxes of dyes and supplies that I want to sell. I'll be posting it on Facebook Marketplace, but in case you know anyone locally who wants that kind of thing, I'm giving you first dibs.

I do need to stop for a bit so I can get rid of the stuff that is now in my kitchen and the living that is slated to leave the house!

Here's a couple of pictures that I have time to share with you today. Sorry, this first one should have been rotated. I thought I did in the editing process but it reverted back to this orientation. Isn't that just the cutest? Thanks to Sandra for the mug rug. It could be used as a postcard as well.

Mug rug

It's hanging out in Studio B where I can put my mug and cookie on. I love it. And did you notice the color???? 

Perfect mug rug

While I was making my three portable design walls (which are stored away in the storage room), I got the final panel for the big design wall completed and it's attached to the wall. I'm on a roll!!!!

The final section of the design wall is up

I also finished the last four blocks for the Lilla quilt. I ended up making 112 blocks - 56 for each of two quilts. One top is together and I hope to get the other one together and both of them quilted this month.

Last four blocks for Lilla quilt are done

This is also something new for me. I have always had a hard time getting the homework completed for those ongoing quilt projects. I have a shelf of UFOs to prove it! However, this year, I've managed to keep pretty much up to date. Not sure why that is but I'm happy!!!!

Got another quilt trimmed and this is my pile of stuff that needs to have the binding attached. Hopefully one of these days soon that'll happen. I haven't done a whole lot of sewing these days or quilting for that matter. However, I did get a rather large quilt loaded on the long arm yesterday and will be working on that later today.

Quilts and a rug that need the binding attached

This is a spoiler alert if any of you purchased the Bella Box by Kimberbell. Diane received her box the other day and waited for Monday so we could open it together. Thanks, Diane!!!! I love Kimberbell stuff but I just couldn't justify buying the box for myself.

Bella box

So what was in the box???  All kinds of embroidery patterns and goodies. The cutest little pillow - in addition to their regular Bench Buddies. An apron project, a couple of coasters, shoot - there was a whole lot of stuff. I don't remember it all. But all the trims, instructions, and materials for the projects were included. She's going to have fun to go through it all and create some very cute projects.

The contents of the Bella box by Kimberbell

And it was all nicely outlined on this card!

A map to what was in the box

So Grammarly has something new. They have a "tone" of voice filter. This post is classified as FORMAL. Opposed to appreciative or admiring. Not sure why they've introduced this feature. I much rather have more editing on sentence structure than a Tone Detector. Good grief.

Oh did I mention that my FitBit is now syncing with my phone again? I think it had something to do with an update. Anyway, when I was messing with my phone the other night - experimenting with pairing, I was able to get it working again. I don't ask questions.

I've got paperwork that needs to be done this morning. Oh  - and I got word yesterday that one thing that had been hanging over my head (paperwork) isn't needed after all. Yeah!!!!! That gets me very excited and I'm glad I hadn't spent a whole lot of time working on it!

On that note, I'm out of here. What are you going to tidy up today????

Have a super day!!!!!


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