Friday, October 25, 2019

The FLOOD zone

It would appear that we live in a flood zone. Before that, it was an electrical hazard zone. That was when it seemed that light bulbs burned out prematurely and electrical switches went haywire. All of the "faulty" switches have been replaced and so far, the light bulb situation seems to be under control.

The water? That's an entirely different story. I was in my meeting yesterday when I got a text from DH that there was no hot water. Hmm - that's not good. He checked the water tank which sits in the furnace room. There's a leak. Well, there's a permanent leak from the furnace (they "fixed" it last year only to have it spring a leak again). It's a small detail and I wasn't worried about it, the water just followed the drainpipe to the drain.

What kind of a leak? A big one. He sent me a picture.

We have another leak

Oh dear - this looks bad!!!  You can see the leak from the furnace and that's nothing compared to the leak from the water heater! Now there's a couple of silver linings to this story.

  1. The main water shut off is located in the puzzle room. Guess what? It used to be filled with a LOT of stuff and so getting access to that shut off wasn't easy. Well, I've got something to share with you on another day, but there was only ONE thing to move to get access to the shutoff. Now that was amazing news!!!
  2. Only ONE thing got wet. It was a cardboard box that parts of the longarm came in. It's currently drying out and I need to evaluate if I need to keep that box. I have two of them used for shipping the head of the long arm. I hadn't reached the furnace room to do any tidying yet. 
  3. We were home when this happened. I don't know when the leak occurred - it was sometime yesterday. There could have been a slow leak, but I was in that room on Sunday and everything was fine. 
  4. The water heater is rented and we have a maintenance plan. It cost NOTHING to replace. 
  5. The service was quick. DH called about 9:40 and got a service window of 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.  I think they came around 11 AM. And then they came in the afternoon around 3:00 PM and replaced the entire unit. 

We were extremely lucky!!!  I can't imagine calling the insurance company again! I still haven't completed the unpacking from the last time. This is the THIRD time that we've had a significant leak in that basement. I'm getting a bit leary. I feel like I need to check before I go to bed and when I wake up. Let's just say that I'm a wee bit paranoid. 

So it'll take a couple of days for that floor to dry out. And yes - we need to get our furnace maintenance happening for the winter and try to get them to fix that leak again. 

The floor needs to dry out

I do have a wee bit of stuff in the furnace room. It is next on the list once I finish with the puzzle room.

The scary part of this? That water heater isn't that old. I'm going to check the date that it was replaced, but it was less than 10 years old. That shouldn't happen. We never even got a reminder from them that it should be serviced, unlike our furnace which they've been nagging us for the last four years needs to be replaced.

Here's a picture of part of my design wall in the basement. The part with a quilt on it. This is the best part of my studio!!!!

The design wall

Another great meeting day. I know - I need my head examined! But it's all interesting stuff so it's easy to stay awake! And I brought some goodies last night that I'm super excited about. NO - I'm not sharing them yet. I will, but not yet. I'll be bringing home more goodies today. That's the best part of my job. Getting all those goodies to play with. But there's a price to pay. I need to be making samples. Lots and lots of samples. I'm trying to think up things that could be made (or ready wear items) that can be embroidered or embellished. I've got my jean jackets to do and I've got a couple of other items in mind. Anyone have anything they would like embroidered and might not want back right away??? I need a kid-sized jean jacket! I've no idea why I'm obsessed with jean jackets.

We had our Lilla class last night and I'll share that with you later this week. Ooops - I mean next week. I'm madly getting stuff prepped for tomorrow's three classes. I'm in good shape so I'm not worried about that.

As far as technology goes? Everything is fine. Except that my darn Fitbit won't sync to my phone. There's always something that doesn't work. I'm getting better at fixing things. This has happened before and I don't remember how I fixed it. I tried Googling it but sometimes there's so much "noise" when you do a Google search. They are going to have to be careful about that or a Google search is going to become useless. You'll have to do a Google search on your Google search to weed out the crap.

Here's one more pet peeve about searches. I HATE Pinterest. With a deep passion. Why? A LOT of what is posted has NO ORIGINAL SOURCE. So if you see something you like, you can't find the source. First off - that's just wrong. Secondly, it's a pain in the " you know what". Pinterest is like Amazon - I'll go there ONLY if it's the absolute last resort. I was searching for something the other day and I finally found it (Ronda was helping). But it took a long time to find the source of the item.

Quilt Market is happening this weekend. I'm having Market envy! I do wish I could be there, but I've got so much happening in my own little corner that I don't really have time to go. So I'll watch the posts from everyone on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop. And I'll be chatting to a couple of store owners and friends who are currently in Houston. I'll get all the scoop!!!  If any of my readers are in Houston, I NEED a picture of my Cherry Wood Challenge that's currently hanging there. It's the stained glass one!!!!  The quilt exhibits open tomorrow. Today is Schoolhouse which was always loads of fun!

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I've been told that hot water heaters last less than 10 years, but I got lucky with mine - replaced it at the 24-year mark. We don't rent them here, have to buy them but lucky for me, I'm in an area where little to no maintenance is needed due to the good quality of our water.

    1. Terri--- I just find that a waste that these things don't last, but that's the way everything has gone. I need to move to your area! Good clean water. I'll be making a note to have a check on it periodically.