Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Winter Wonderland progress

Another super exciting day yesterday. Why? Look what got completed..............

Redwork block - DONE

If my calculations are correct, this is the LAST block that needed to be embroidered for the Winter Wonderland quilt. Just checked - yep - they are all done!! That's HUGE as I'm not good at finishing those kinds of projects. The blocks for the border are cut and need to be pieced (project for the upcoming sewing retreat or a sew day). The biggest question is whether to do the feather stitch on the block seams or not.

I pilfered a couple of pictures that I found on the internet. Most people did the feather stitch.

No feather stitch

No feather stitch

Feather stitch

Hmmm - I think I might like the feather stitch. Back to the embroidery drawing board!!!

Once the embroidery was done, I pulled out some applique. Oh boy - this is another project that was started years ago. The applique is all prepped - it just needs to be stitched.

A LONG, LONG strip of hand applique

As you can see, some of the stitching has been completed. This is from a quilt called Nanna's Farm which we did as an ongoing class at The Hobby Horse. There are two big strips like this. I know where the second one is, but no idea what state it or the pieced blocks are in. I must dig it out one day.

Some of the stitching is done

It's time to get myself packed up for the convention, but not before I finish off a few things. I got the binding on this quilt this morning and the sleeves are made which I'll hand stitch down later today. Just needs a label with all the design information on it and then it's done.

Binding on small wall hanging

Remember, while this project looks simple and ordinary, it represents something spectacular. The pattern is available to you via mySewnet. You can find more of the details at this QUILTsocial blog post.

I'm trying to tidy up Studio B as well as the day after I get back is Sit n Sew. As I was cleaning, I found yet ONE MORE cloth bag. Seriously???  I now have three more to go to the Food Bank via Jane. I swear this is the last of the reusable bags.

One more reusable bag
Jan finished this quilt top yesterday. It's called Warm Winter Blessings by Primitive Gatherings. So very cute. All the handwork on the snowmen were completed on a bus trip. That was a LONG bus trip. It's gorgeous!!!!

Warm Winter Blessings by Primitive Gatherings

Here's something else I've been meaning to share for a couple of weeks and I just didn't get pictures of it. I think I put the link on my blog a while back when M and I got to meet Brenda (the owner) of Quilt Designs in the Yard. Now I have my very own barn quilts but sized to fit in my backyard!!!!  I have a small one for in the house and TWO large ones to go outside. When I'm back from the convention, I'll be hanging them outside. Yep - they are good for our harsh winters. I'm so excited about these and they are GORGEOUS in real life.

Backyard barn quilts

What did I learn yesterday? How to embroider (on the embroidery machine) with THICK threads. This is a design using TWELVE weight thread (I used a Sulky Blendable). The design is absolutely gorgeous. The thread looks like wool when it's stitched out. It's hard to tell in the photo. I want to make four of them and rotate/flip them. Not sure I'll have time to do that today as I do have some errands that need to be done today.

Machine embroidery with 12-weight thread

Plus I'm learning more about my phone. Nothing too exciting yet, but it's the little details (tips and tricks) that I wanted to learn and so far, I'm getting exactly that from the book. Two more chapters read last night and hopefully two later tonight. I'm going to be so smart! The book is called Samsung Galaxy S10 for Dummies.

I just went downstairs and checked on Nanna's Farm. Oh boy! I do NOT know why I chose these huge projects to work on. Especially embroidery and applique. What the heck was I thinking???  I know the idea was to work on it over a year but - well, I'm way behind in these projects. Here's what I found.

Nanna's Farm by Patchwork Pumpkin

I found the pattern and all the fabrics that had been set aside. Good grief! All the backgrounds are CUT. But you know what that means. There's a  ton of prep work and applique to be done.

The backgrounds are cut - oh yeah!

And some blocks are done. But only some. I didn't count them. The bottom line, this is going to be the next ongoing Monday project. And there are NOT two of those long borders - there are FOUR!!! Three of them are NOT prepped.

Blocks for Nanna's Farm

You know what? It doesn't matter. I'd rather be working slowly on this kind of project than not working on it at all. And as you can see from Winter Wonderland and the Gingerbread quilt that slow and steady pays off. Both of those quilts are over the worst hump for me - all the handwork. Well almost in the case of Winter Wonderland. I just checked - all my backgrounds are different so I think I'll suck it up and do the feather stitch. But slow and steady progress is way better than it sitting as a "dead" UFO.

And the most exciting thing is that I'm NOT starting any more of those kinds of projects so that means that I might actually get some of these things done. I'm very hopeful and very happy with my progress.

If that isn't enough to keep you excited, TODAY is the day that you can order your TrendTex Challenge kit from Canadian Quilter's Association. But ONLY if you're a member of the CQA. If you're not a member, then you have to wait until November 1 to order yours. I'm ordering mine today!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here. Got a few projects to finish (OK three projects to finish today besides sewing the sleeve and label on that small quilt). And I have to label and pack some other stuff. Let's not forget my conference call and a few errands. Oh yes - a fun and busy day!

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Sounds like you are planning to do the feather stitch by hand, why not use one of your machines? Even if the machine can't do that exact stitch there must be something that's close enough.

    1. Heidi -- You are BRILLIANT!!!! No one will even know that I did that. Thank YOU!!!!!