Monday, September 30, 2019


Another super day! We had a small turnout for the UFO club, but I received pictures of the homework and that's all that counts. No one wants to cough up their $10. I'll be posting those pictures later this week as well. I've got loads to edit and load and not a ton of time to do it. YES - there'll be a new UFO club starting in January. Everyone wants me to do it again and we all accomplished so much. You can watch for those details. There will be two formats. One where you show up to my house and we all ooh and aah over your work and the second will be via e-mail/facebook or whatever. Both options will require that you put money upfront and if you get your work done on time, you'll get it back.

Then I spent the remainder of the day puttering. No time for decluttering - it was work time and I was busy with the long arm, the embroidery machine, and a sewing machine. Then I read!

One more customer quilt is completed. The blocks are from two different Lori Holt (Bee in my Bonnet) books and they are GORGEOUS. The entire quilt is beautiful. It's now trimmed and ready for delivery later today.

Customer quilt - DONE

I'm sure this magazine has hit the newsstands now. It's the November/December issue of Quiltmaker. Oh my - there are TWO of my quilts in the magazine.

Quiltmaker magazine - November/December

Here's the first one. This one was slated to go in a different publication, but the issue got cut in the restructuring. Since they already had the quilt, they put it in a different publication. It's made from a strip pack and some background fabric from the Northcott Toscana collection.

My quilt

Here's the second quilt. Yep - this one is made from DENIM and DOILIES! I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but when I see it in the publication, I rather like it!!!!

Second quilt

I do try to keep a positive vibe to the blog because I'm a super positive person. And this technically isn't a negative thing, but I'm going to mention it because I think it's important.

It has to do with respecting ourselves and those around us. A couple of incidents happened recently that I feel compelled to share.

The class had started and a lady came in late. I'm OK with that. Life happens and you just can't get there on time. I'd rather that you be late than not arrive. However, this lady was so NOT prepared for the class. She had forgotten her pattern and had to borrow from someone in the class. She didn't have all her fabrics cut as per the requirements so she had to hog the pattern (which wasn't hers). Her fabrics were rolled into a ball and were very wrinkly and that's how she tried to cut them with her DULL rotary cutter. We were using a curved ruler in this class and well - I doubt her ruler is useable after what she did to it. She ignored my suggestions that she buy a new blade. Her fabrics were tossed all over the floor as she was cutting.

I did get a chuckle though as when I got home and two days later went to look for something in the bottom of my purse, I found a scrap of her fabric. Things were flying so much - it doesn't surprise me that something ended up in my purse which was sitting under the table.

Fabric scrap in my purse

I so appreciate the comments, feedback, and discussions in a class. I welcome them and I encourage them. BUT when I or someone else is talking, and several people are having a side conversation - well - that's just damn disrespectful. I gently reminded them that I was talking. Within minutes, it started up again. Seriously????  What the heck is going on??? I think it happened three times in total during a one hour class. OK - I might be boring, but I'm not that boring? Am I????

If you're having a side conversation about something relative to the class then share the comments with the class. Everyone has a turn and let others know what you did. That's why we come to class to hear the feedback from everyone. If you're having a side conversation about something totally unrelated, then leave the room.

For some reason, when people have these side conversations, they think they are being quiet. HELLO!!!!!  We can all hear you whispering. What drives me crazy is that they think they can get away with it. I'm tired of it happening and I'll call anyone out who does it. I'm at that age that I don't care. You want to have a side conversation - leave the room. The rest of the people are trying to hear what I or the others are saying. NO ONE wants to hear your whispering!!

Years ago, I wrote an article in the Tech Tip series for A Needle Pulling Thread magazine. The Tech Tips were later published in a book that is still available online if you sign up for QUILTsocial. If you have my book, please read that article before you go to your next class. On the link, scroll down on the right-hand side to see the sign up to get your electronic version of my book.

Elaine's Tech Tips

Classroom Etiquette article

What bothers me the most is how disrespectful people are of others around them. I was in a store the other day and some lady was yakking on her cellphone on SPEAKERPHONE. It's bad enough that I have to hear her yakking at a high volume so she could ensure the other person can hear her, but I don't need to hear the entire conversation. I gently tapped her on the arm and said that the store did NOT need to hear her conversation. She looked at me startled that someone would even say that to her. She was speaking a language that I couldn't identify and I'm sure I was called a few names that I didn't understand, but she took it off the speaker. Why does someone (an adult) need to be told that?

Our world is going to hell in a handbasket and fast. Part of that is the total disrespect that we are giving to others. And the adults are setting a GREAT example for our kids. THINK THINK THINK - you might be having a grand time, but your actions are extremely annoying to those around you. And you're not just annoying me, but others as well!

Just drives me crazy!

So I got a new phone last week and I decided to read a book on it. I happened upon a book at the library for the Galaxy s10. I know - sounds so basic, but I read the first two chapters last night and I learned a few things about cellphones in general that I didn't know and a few things about my phone in particular. It's a fast and easy read so I should be able to zip through it fairly quickly. I'm determined to become a techie.

Speaking of which, the other morning I was listening to the radio on my iPad. I now use the Radio Canada Player app all the time in Studio B. The other morning, the audio just stopped. WHAT????  So I messed around with it and I googled how to fix it and I'm not sure what I did, but I can listen to the radio again. Phew!!!! I thought I had an expensive repair in front of me. If you don't use that Radio Canada Player app, you should. It's great and you can listen to a ton of radio stations. No static like I used to get in the basement. I'm loving it!!!!

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. I'm def into the UFO club although I'll have to do it virtually if that works?

    1. Judi -- we have a virtual UFO club as well.