Sunday, September 22, 2019

Customer service

Yesterday was an interesting day. We had our class on Posh Santa which is a Sew Kind of Wonderful quilt. It's so darn cute. The students did an amazing job with the curved seams.

When I'm teaching, I like to chat with the students and see what's happening with them, but you don't want to be too nosy! One of the ladies was using a cane. It turns out that she was hit by a drunk driver 11 years ago. Her ankle was shattered as well as numerous other injuries. The drunk driver was killed. Please please - DO NOT drink or let anyone you know drive when they've been drinking. I don't care that he was killed - my heart breaks for those that have to live with the injuries caused by the accident. Find another way home!

After I got home, I decided to get myself to the mall (yeah me - at the mall on a Saturday!) because I wanted to hit the Bell store to get a new phone. I explained the situation to the young girl at the counter. She checks my account. Oh - your plan is costing you more than what it was before. WHAT?????  Let's just say that I was NOT a happy camper. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do. She gave me the number for the loyalty department and I left the store. I was very calm and patient through that ordeal. I was actually very calm through the entire process.

I called loyalty and got a very nice lady who announced that she was on Vancouver Island. OK - I'm already OK with that. I explained the story, then she asked for my password. OH GOD - I don't remember the password. I know my passwords for accounts, but not for this. So she asked me questions and I told her all kinds of details and at last, she was able to help me. I now know the password! She explained to me that there are TWO monthly credits on my account to compensate for the difference in the monthly amount.

Without going into all the details cause it took a LONG time and one more phone call to the loyalty department, we got everything straightened around. Everything was as it had been explained to me - we just couldn't' see the information if that makes sense.

Now that I was a happy camper once again, I went ahead and got a new phone. It doesn't feel or look like a new phone. Reminds me of my old phone and everything seems to have very seamlessly been transferred although I just can't send or receive e-mail. As a result, I had to zip around this morning and retake some photos with the camera. They are less than perfect because I was in a hurry.

New phone

I got a different case for this phone. Last time, I had the flip cover - this time I got only the back cover. Hmm - I kind of liked the flip cover and it did protect from scratches. Well - I bought this one - it was half the price of the other one.

Thank you to Bell for the great customer service and for making this happen and for honoring the deal that they offered me. I'm a happy customer and just goes to show that people will deal with your problem in a very professional way if you remain calm and professional. It was a slight mix-up but once I understood how it worked, everything was fine!!!! I know there are people that are NOT happy with their service, but I've been a Bell customer for many, many years. While I've had a couple of issues with them in the past, we've always found a way to work it out. I wouldn't switch!

In total, that errand took THREE hours - but that also included my walking to and from the mall and the data transfer to the new phone. I was so tired when I got home that I just read for the remainder of the evening instead of doing some work.

However, I was back at it this morning and I'm very happy to report that Tonga Rhapsody is now in the "to be quilted" pile. Yeah!!!!!!

Tonga Rhapsody in the "to be quilted" pile

I still have stuff in one corner of Studio B (OK - there are two piles of stuff to deal with) and I have Tuesday booked off as a cleanup day. I'm going to try and get at least one of those corners dealt with. I'm not sure if I just take one basket at a time and deal with that? Or do I lay everything out and try to sort like things together? I'm not sure how I'm going to tackle it, but tackle it I shall!!!

I had found a number of quilt backings and now I'm happy to report that they are measured, labeled and shelved! Look at the quilt backing area - it's just as neat and tidy as when Ronda and I first put all that fabric on the shelf.

One and a half shelves of backing fabric

It sure feels good to have this so organized. I'm loving it! And it was well worth the time it took to make that happen. I know there are more backings in the mess and those will get put on the shelf as well. Thank goodness I've removed some backings from the shelf as I had to squeeze a few in this morning. So - need to get more quilt backings done and off that shelf!

I've got a basket of things to tackle today for Sit n Sew. Some backings, bindings, and borders. Yeah! Now I need to get to quilting. Quilting my stuff! But that'll just result in more finished quilts and what the heck will I do with them all?

You know we chatted about magazines the other day. Here's something to keep in mind for those of us who are concerned about the cost (like me!). The American Quilter's Society has a magazine and it costs $7.99 CDN per issue. There are 6 issues per year for a total cost per year of $48. However, you can become a member for $35 (US) for TWO years and the magazine comes as part of the membership. Now - doesn't that sound like a good deal?? I should sign up because I buy that publication all the time. I could save myself some money!!!!

I did NOT get my jelly roll used yesterday. I was just too tired. However, I did get a perfect fabric for the border and binding and it was on sale!!! Even better. That'll happen later this week.

Here's something fun to watch!!!  Who knew that Marsha is a quilter?????

I'd better get myself organized for the Sit n Sew this morning.

Have a great day!!!



  1. Awesome little video, thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome! Who knows who is quilting these days!! I did NOT like her clothes though. A bit too funky for me.