Monday, September 2, 2019

When you're with friends!

Ronda came over bright and early yesterday and we quickly got to work.

While most of the stuff was cut and prepped, it still took a while to get ourselves completely organized. I manned the embroidery machine which she did the tidy up work at the end.

She went out for an errand while the embroidery machine worked away. When she came back, she realized that I had goofed on the fabric choices. OH NO!!! So more cutting was involved and let's just say that we made TWO more of the items than originally planned. All because of operator errors! All of the items turned out nice, just not in the exact colors that we had originally chosen!!!

It was a long day. We used zippers. Lots of different colors of zippers. Some we had bought and then because of the errors, we raided my meager stash of long zippers. I got lots of zippers, just not lots of long ones!

Zippers used
And we used a LOT of thread. Different kinds of thread - not just embroidery thread.

Empty spools of thread

At one point, I needed to find a small bag of stuff that I had acquired at QuiltCon in February. NO - it hasn't been sorted and unpacked. I located the bag within a matter of seconds. How cool is that! And guess what I also found? The missing homework that I need to get finished for the end of this month. Phew - all is good!!!!!

I'll share what we made later this week. It's for a special thing to do with our road trip. I hope they like them!!!! If not, more for me and Ronda!!! The pictures are already edited and loaded so no excuse to get those to you.

Whoever thinks that you can just whip up a project - think again! You're all sewists and quilters - you know that. But to anyone who says - can you just whip that up? Tell them to learn to sew!!!  But we had a fun day and loads of good laughs!

I will say that whenever Ronda took a break, it took her a long time to get back in the groove. I wonder if her boss lets her take lunch at work? Just kidding - we both had our issues yesterday. Mine was choosing colors!!

When I was tidying up earlier in the week, I found this ruler. I thought it was a sticker. I have one attached to the cutting table downstairs and I love it. I can have one upstairs or so I thought. I pulled it from the paper backing to find that it's printed on vinyl so friction is what makes it stick. Well, we couldn't find any surface to make it stick properly without stretching the heck out of it which defeats the purpose of a ruler.

Vinyl ruler

While it seemed like a good idea, it's NOT. It's now in the garbage.

George hung out with us all day and now he's hanging out in my purse. He's beyond excited. A road trip!!!!

George just hanging out

George has been on some pretty exotic vacations. He's been all over Europe, he's been to Hong Kong, a cruise or two and many places in between. While this road trip isn't exotic, it's going to be fun and George likes fun!

I checked the weather of part of our trip and everything looks perfect. So unless Dorian takes a totally different path in the next day or so, we should be good. You just have to watch the blog to see where we're actually going to end up. And it's not so much a destination that we have in mind - it's a journey with no one destination.

I'm happy to say that I'm packed. These girls don't appreciate lateness. We have a schedule to adhere to - at least for Day One and I'm good with that. The rest of the trip is totally loosey-goosey. Well sort of - we do have a destination for each night, but we're going to be totally flexible. I like being flexible.

On that note, I'd better get myself ready, walk the girls and be waiting when the van arrives. I don't want to be blamed for slowing up the process today. Besides, I can't wait to get to our destination for tonight. I've never been there before and looking forward to it. Watch for updates!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Super excited to hear about your trip. Maybe you should plan one to the Maritimes ;)