Saturday, September 14, 2019

The second round already!

I feel possessed. It feels like someone else has taken over my body and my brain. No, wait - that's just my Virgo side finally emerging after many years of being pushed into the far recesses of my brain.

I'm thrilled to death with this decluttering process and I'm making great inroads. I haven't made arrangements yet for the junk truck to come, but that'll be this week. I was trying to get through those storage rooms and the garage - although the garage was the only thing on my mind when I started. As long as all the large things are accumulated before I call them, I'm OK as the smaller stuff can be put in the garbage cart or I'll haul it to the depot myself.

I decided to go through the shed ONE MORE TIME. I wanted to remove those chairs for which we no longer have seat covers. While I was there, I found a "few" more things that don't need to be in the shed. It wasn't a whole lot that I removed, but it was enough. Another big piece of wood, four chairs, an umbrella, a long extension cord that was (almost) hopelessly tangled. The duplicates of the rake, hoe, and shovel.

More items were removed from the shed
This is what the shed looks like now. I'm thrilled. That long piece of wood is for the net on the pond, although the other alternative is to scoop the leaves out each day. I did that yesterday because YES - leaves have started to fall into the pond and I don't want that debris to accumulate like we've let it in the past.

The shed looks pretty spiffy

Now I have a hoe, a rake, and a spade that are up for grabs. I was wondering if there's a community garden around me that could take them???  Otherwise, I'll see if the donation center wants them.

I also moved the old, broken wheelbarrow that was behind the fence into the garage in preparation for the junk pick-up.

The garage doesn't really look a whole lot better than when I started, but once the junk goes, it'll be much better. I have a lot of cycling accessories in that garage and that's my job today if I get a chance.

The garage is better, but a long way to go yet

I got rid of the LAST of the cloth reusable bags. Jane came and picked them up and they are going to the local food bank. I have a small reusable bag in my purse that I will use in the future. NO MORE collecting bags.

The last of the cloth reusable bags

Hey - we still have our reusable (collapsible) grocery boxes (which I love way more than bags) and I have some reusable bags in the basement with bicycles on them. I'm keeping those! So we're not without reusable bags.

I "traded" the bags for a puzzle. A glow-in-the-dark puzzle. I had just enough room on the shelf for one more puzzle. Come November, I'm going to dig one out and have some fun!

A new puzzle

I had found several pieces of decorator yardages. And TWO sewing baskets. All of those items got dropped off for the fashion studies teacher at the local high school. Seriously???  Getting rid of stuff is FUN!!! I love sharing the wealth!!!!

Stuff going to the fashion studies at the local high school
Getting rid of one of those sewing baskets freed up a corner of the table in the office. OK - so a small corner, but every square inch gained is a huge hurdle! Alright - technically, it's not freed up since my tablet and the manual for my car are in that spot!

A wee corner almost free up!
It wasn't all about working outside, I'm also trying to deal with some of the quilting stuff. I decided to put this project on the UFO shelf in the storage room. Hmm - that's pretty ugly and I have a huge amount of pretty containers.

UFO in two ugly containers
I found this orange basket, which I don't' think has ever been used for storage and now it's holding the items in the two ugly bags. Don't ask why I have a LOT of foil pouches in my possession.

Foil pouches stored in a wire basket
It was only when I was transferring the pouches to the basket that I realized that only the ones in the blue bag had been washed. Oh shoot - so next thing I knew, I was upstairs washing the remaining pouches. All are washed and they are drying now.  I should get my butt in gear and get the items made that the pouches were collected for.

Foil pouches drying in the sink
I was looking over the items that I removed from the puzzle storage room. Two big chunks of foam. What am I going to do with those??? I think at one point, they had been purchased to make dog beds. Hmm - my girls do NOT need another bed. Anyone want some foam???

Chunks of foam up for grabs
I'm happy to report that the trellis and the cork are gone! Well, they are spoken for. There's not much that I haven't posted that hasn't gone to a good home. Now for those of you who have picked up items - do NOT let them sit around your house causing more clutter. Your mission is to actually use the items that you've got!!!

 I took another load to the depot yesterday. Mostly garbage, but some wood and metal and more cardboard. Fifty kilos worth that cost me $5 which I gladly paid. I've started to go through the furnace room and pulled out two work lights that I no longer use. I put those up for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Holy - the number of inquiries I got was insane. They are pending pick-up this morning and then the next item will go up for sale. I can only deal with one item at a time.

I'm on a roll!!

On top of all that, I got a small portion completed on the next border for my Tonga Rhapsody quilt. And I got another customer quilt done! I'd better get trimming quilts!

Customer quilt - DONE

I taught a class last night at Oh Look Fabric. This is our ongoing class (Lilla) and I took loads of pictures which I'll share tomorrow.

I made a long list of things that I want to get done today. So I'd better get myself organized and make that happen. No classes, no commitments for TWO whole days. On a weekend? How the heck did that happen?? Two of my classes got canceled. While I like to teach, I'm happy with the time off.

I'm LOVING all the comments about how I'm inspiring others to declutter, tidy up or whatever. I love the comments and it helps me so much to know that I'm not alone in this decluttering thing. I know that once I've been through everything that I'm going to start all over again (look what happened in the shed) and I'll be getting rid of more stuff. It's going to be very hard when it comes to the quilting stuff and I'm not ready yet. And no need yet.

Yesterday was about a 15,000 step day. I didn't get Murphy's walk on the FitBit as the battery was dead and she wasn't going to wait while it recharged!

By the way, I did write a letter to Love Patchwork and Quilting giving them my feedback about those plastic bags and the free stuff. Let's see what they say in response.

I found this article on Pinterest, which in light of my decluttering, I found very poignant. Make sure you read the entire article. It's quite interesting! Perhaps this is where my decluttering energy is coming from.

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!!


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