Wednesday, September 25, 2019

This is SERIOUS business

Like all days, yesterday was a super busy day. I got loads done. I'm going to share a wee bit with you today - it's already late and I don't have much time.

I'll start by showing you my progress on Monday sewing day. I'm working on the Winter Wonderland - redwork quilt.  I'm going to need to make a decision about the feather stitch that is done on all the seams in the center of the quilt. Hmm - yes or no????

This happened. This is the second to last block. It's done!!!!  Needless to say, I was jumping up and down for joy as I moved onto the last block.

Redwork block for Winter Wonderland

This is what I got completed on the LAST block. Everyone was pushing me to finish it, but I hit a wall (I guess I was jumping up and down in my mind, not in real life). I was exhausted and I just couldn't go on. It took me a couple of hours to get out of that funk. I must NOT sit for so long next time. I have to take something else that requires me to move around. I'm like the Energizer bunny - if I stop or sit for extended periods, I just shut down. It's like the more I move, the more energy is created.

The last block is ALMOST done

I'll finish this block next week and I have a couple of other things already prepped for Monday. But in between, I need to get up and take a walk around the church or something. I can't sit all day. What the heck am I going to do when I'm older? Oh - I'll be racing up and down the hallway with my walker!

I got this small quilt (for me) quilted yesterday. I had started it the night before but got sidetracked when Heather popped over. Now it's quilted and trimmed and waiting for the binding. I know that the quilt itself isn't super spectacular. It's what it represents that is amazing.

My quilt is done!

SVP (parent company of Singer, Husqvarna Viking, and PFAFF) have on-line technology called mySewnet. I chatted about it on QUILTsocial a while back. One of the features of this technology is the ability to share projects (including embroidery files - if I would have created one). Here's the link to the QUILTsocial blog post on this technology. And here's the direct link to the project. I believe you'll need a mySewNet account before you can access the file. If you're stuck, read QUILTsocial blog post (near the end) where you'll find all the steps involved.

It's the coolest technology and I'm very excited about it. I want to make more projects to share with you, but no time - not until I'm back from our convention next month.

Then I threw a customer quilt onto the long arm and got that done as well. Yep - those are Colonial Ladies!!!  This quilt was started way back when and now it just needs the binding! The next quilt is loaded and ready to be quilted today. It's a Quilts of Valor quilt which is fitting since this is Community Projects day so I don't feel guilty about quilting it while we work.

Customer quilt - DONE

So far - that all seems on par for a typical day at my house. But what did I do that shows how serious I am about getting rid of things? I got a call from the Family Studies teacher at the local high school. Where could she buy flannel? Not just any flannel - she needed orange flannel. OH. I have some and I offered it to her. WHAT!!!!!!!!   Yep - I dug out ALL the orange flannel I could find and I sold it to her. Isn't that just shocking????

Say goodbye to the orange flannel

What did she need orange flannel for??? Read this story. Here's the link to what Heather and her class are making. They are called Attachment Hearts. I need to read up on it a bit more. She now has orange flannel to last for a couple of years!!!!  Hey Heather - just read the instructions - they also make them from fleece. I got LOTS of orange fleece!!!!

I have way more to show you that I got rid of, but there's no time today. That's a job for tomorrow.

So you see - I'm dead serious about getting rid of this stash of mine. I'm not actively seeking to get rid of the main part of the stash, but I do know that the flannel is on the line as we go forward. Today is a Community Projects Sew day and there are tons of tops that need backings and bindings. That's what we are working on today and who knows? More of that flannel might just be made up into backings.

The main stash - nope - nothing is moving there. That's my artist's palette.

Anyway - you'll see tomorrow what else I've been up to. There is NO rest for the wicked.

You MUST go to QUILTsocial this morning to see what I'm making with the Husqvarna Viking HUSKLOCK s25 serger. It's day one of my projects and I'm so flipping excited about this project.

It's time to get the day started!

Have a super day!!!!!



  1. My guild has made hearts for the local neo-natal ward. One is given to each of the parents to wear against their skin for 24 hours. Then the hearts are put in the bassinet with the baby in the hope that the parent's smell will help with bonding when the baby goes home.

    1. Barbara -- that's an awesome idea!! There's so many ways that our sewing skills (and our fabric) can be put to use in the community! Thanks for sharing that.

  2. No, you won't be racing with your walker you will be doing the same as I do, treading on your treadmill. It keeps me going, can't sit too long as it's too hard on the old back. Also you had better keep on blogging it keeps us going.

    1. Oh Pat!!!! Yep- I'll be on the treadmill alongside you! I'll be blogging for a long, long time. Thanks so much for following along!