Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The clean up continues

I'm taking full advantage of my mood on this decluttering/clean up thing. I was off to the recycling depot with a car filled with flattened cardboard. As I was leaving the depot, I heard my name. What???  I glanced over and saw Darlene heading in with her van. I wonder what was in her van? Did she read my blog?

It was pretty funny and in all the years of going to the recycling depot, I've never met anyone before!

In addition to the two carloads of cardboard, our recycling cart is full. And I have a few more boxes that I found this morning that can go.

When I got back home, I loaded the car with white styrofoam. I hope to get all the hazard stuff in the car as well - I wasn't leaving that in the car overnight in case it stinks. And we have four old recycling bins. My goal is to get all that in the car for today's trip.

It's not only the garage and the shed that have household junk, but we also have three small rooms in the basement. One for the electrical panel, one is a cold room under the outdoor stairs and one is stuck in the middle of those two. None are huge, but they all have stuff in them.

I started on all three this morning bringing up three kitchen cabinet doors that we no longer need, pieces of drywall used to sample painting, old baseboards, and a few other things. I found a sander that I don't want. I don't think the darn thing was ever used. I'll show you a picture tomorrow in case anyone wants it.

I came across the jigsaw puzzles. I have 30 or thereabouts. Gosh - even if I do two a year, that's going to take a lot of years to get them done!

My goal is to get all the wood products together so they can be part of the trip to the recycling depot tomorrow. How many screws and nails and picture hangers does one household need? I'm trying to get them all in one spot so they can be organized.

I've found bags of stuff in the garage that well - I had no idea they were there. Appears to be junk that was removed from M's room at some point. It was amongst the crap on the workbench. I rescued two things and the rest went into the garbage. Although our garbage pickup was yesterday, our garbage cart is full again!

I'm getting out the broom later today and sweeping the electrical room and getting it all spic and span. Then one room will be done!!

I'm not sure why I wasn't motivated to do this before and I'm not sure how long my motivation is going to last. But I'm motivated and I'm not stopping! So did any of you tackle a job yesterday?

Here's a peek into the electrical room.

Electrical room

I'm trying to get all the junk into the garage so when I call the junk people next week, it's easy for them to get everything and we don't forget anything. I've got to move those chairs from the shed today.

And I found another rake in the garage. So now we have two rakes, two hoes, and three garden shovels. I don't need duplicates of that stuff. I'm keeping one of each and the rest is going to be donated. I know it's the wrong season, but I'm OK with that.

Despite all that excitement, I got a lot of quilt-related stuff done yesterday as well. I got two blog posts done! I'm way ahead of the game on those and it feels nice to not be pressured. I might just get myself totally on schedule!! I can't wait to share them with you! Exciting stuff.

I started to put the borders on my Tonga Rhapsody. The first one is a wee bit of a challenge because ALL the edges of that quilt are cut on the bias and they have stretched.

Border number one on Tonga Rhapsody
Three of the four corners came out just fine. The fourth one is funky. Too funky for my liking so I'm going to rip back to about halfway and then repin (well) and sew it again.

A funky corner

And in keeping with the scheduling thing, I dug out my UFO homework which isn't due until September 29th. I managed to get THREE blocks quilted last night. My goal for this month was to quilt the backgrounds of all the remaining blocks. There are 12 blocks! I'm a quarter of the way through. I might even forge forward and do more than what I'm supposed to do. I'd love to get this quilt (Stitcher's Garden) done by the end of the year. It's on my UFO list.

Three blocks are quilted

Speaking of UFOs, someone posted this on Facebook yesterday which I thought was very appropriate.

Why or why do we let this happen to us???  I'm very happy to announce that NO new craft projects are being brought into the house, nor are they being started. Yes - a few quilt projects are being started, but the goal of those is to finish them before they become a UFO. So far so good.

All this decluttering is great! What will I do on those days that I actually scheduled a cleanup day? Oh - the office. I forgot about that.

I'm out of here! Got more computer work today and I hope to hit the cleaning areas and some sewing. Going to be a busy day - but on MY schedule.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Good for you! i agree, when the energy bug hits....stay WITH IT!

    My oldest UFO was started in 2010. Suppose I should finish it before it's 10 years old????? I have 32 UFOs in my studio. The good news is I've started 10 new quilts and 7 are done!

    Happy Thursday :-)

    1. Oh you much more dedicated than I!!! But I'll get there. I really feel good about this process. Thanks so much. Are you aiming for less than 30 UFOs??? By the end of the year???

    2. I've never had 44 UFOs like I did the beginning of 2019. I would like to start 2020 with 25 or less. I have 1 loaded on my long-arm. I have a queen size ready top ready and waiting for it's turn. I have 32 blocks done for an on-point setting so there is some work left there (it's a new start though).

      Didn't you do a 100 finish challenge for yourself in 2018? You'll get are a DETERMINED woman :-)

    3. Elle -- I did have a 100 project challenge for 2018 and I did it!!! I started this year, but lost track along the way. I might go back and try to figure that out, but there's no TIME!!! Good luck on getting some of those UFOs done. I know you're going to make that happen!!!!

  2. You are inspiring me. I gathered up a big pile of e-waste and it would have gone to the recycle depot today but Mr. B isn't interested in participating and he went out in our only car. I also have a giant bag of clothes for the textile recycling bin and some British quilt magazines to go to the thrift store.
    the UFOs are hanging around. I just read that Eleanor Burn's first quilt is still unfinished. I'm not that bad so not worrying. We have had too many great grandchildren born/to be born this year so baby quilts are taking up my UFO time. It takes me a lot longer to make something that you. I get tired just thinking of what you accomplish.

    1. I love it!!! Hopefully Mr. B will be on board today and you get that stuff off to the depot. It sure feels good to get this stuff out of the house.

      Getting something done even if it's not a UFO is better than doing nothing at all!
      Have a great day!

  3. In my daily life, I love the phrase "A place for everything, everything in its place"and am pretty good about it... however, you, with all your cleaning, organizing and getting rid of stuff efforts have me looking around a few of my rooms in this house and seeing "piles", extra clothes, too many shoes, and way too much paper.
    This week was good for me... I took two massive cardboard boxes of 'sewing/quilting things' to our guild's free table. All of my bits and pieces are now residing in new homes. I also took some backings that didn't really appeal to me to Quilts of Valour workshop where we were making the log cabin quilts and came home without them. Love the feeling of finding a new home for unwanted items. It feels so good at the end of the day to survey the organized spaces and know that what you see has a purpose and you know where to find it when you need it. You are my inspiration!

    1. Rosy! That's so exciting!! I too love the phrase " a place for everything and everything in its place". If you don't have a place - well that's how clutter starts! And even then - just because we have the room, doesn't mean we need to keep things. Great job on the clean up!