Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Knitting mishaps

So I took a bunch of pictures with my camera and there was a problem with the disk. I have to retake them, but not this morning. You're stuck with a couple of pictures that I took with my phone.

It's been two weeks since we had our Monday sewing and it was great to get back and see everyone. Lots going on and there was lots of chatter and show n tell. I tucked in the ends of all the dishcloths - that was part of the pictures to show you all that I had made. Tomorrow.

Then it was back to the embroidery where I made good progress. I might finish this block next week and that will leave ONE block to go. I'd better get myself organized and get the pieced blocks for the border finished. I know exactly where they are!

Oh, shoot - I have a wee bit of extra time - I'm going to run around with my phone and snap those pictures for you. Here are some of the missing photos.

I had this much yarn left over after knitting the last dishcloth. I think I told you how I made that happen. When the ball was almost finished, I found the center of the remaining length of yarn. I did the increases until I hit that point and then decreased. The last one was smaller than the rest, but that's OK.

The leftover yarn

Here's the stack of dishcloths that I got from one of those large balls of cotton yarn. In total there are 11 dishcloths. That's a lot of dishcloths. The important thing is that the large ball of cotton yarn is used up! I'm pretty sure that I do NOT have any more of that yarn around the house. I'm throwing these dish clothes in the drawer with the rest of the ones that I have. They do break down after a while and I now have plenty of replacements.

Eleven dishcloths from one large ball of yarn

When I found the stuff in my knitting bag, two dishcloths were already made. I don't know what I was thinking, but the edges on two sides (must be the decreases) look terrible. That's OK. It's a dishcloth. I don't think it needs to look pretty since I'm not giving them away. But good grief - I thought I was a better knitter or could at least read instructions better!!!!  I had a good laugh over that!!!

The edges on the decrease side are a tad wonky!

And tension? What tension! The size of the dishcloths varied in size. However, this variation in size is because of the small one with the last bit of yarn. Still a decent size.

The largest and the smallest

Oh and here's the embroidery block that I'm working on. There are a lot of snowflakes at the top and one more snowman so that will take a wee bit to do.

Embroidery block

Here's the bag of pieced blocks. They are cut - just need to be sewn together.

Pieced blocks for Winter Wonderland

I was going to stop at the recycling depot on my way to Monday sewing, but it didn't open until 8:30 so I stopped on the way home. Ah - what a good feeling to wing all that cardboard in the giant recycling bin.

When I got home, I decided to tackle more of those boxes and I was also waiting for someone to come and pick up the tires. I can't believe how many messages I received about those tires. Loads! People even had the gall to offer me next to nothing for them. I don't think so! I still sold them for relatively cheap because I wanted them to go. While I waited, I managed to fill the car one more time with cardboard boxes.

I'm a wee bit embarrassed that I let those boxes pile up for so long. What was I thinking? Oh well - I'm over that - let's move on.

This is what the garage looked like when I started.


And after about two hours of flattening boxes, this is what it looks like now.


Except for the bike and the wheelbarrow, a good part of what's left (on the floor) will be heading off in the junk trunk probably next week. And now you can see that big long box on the floor. I got a great suggestion for purchasing some wall brackets and storing it on the wall. I'm going to check that out.

There's still a lot of stuff - well not really. If you took away the three bikes and the recycling carts - there's not that much stuff here.

The other side of the garage

As I was laying awake very early this morning, I was going through the various rooms in my head to see what else can be gotten rid of. I know there are pieces of wood (from shelving) in the basement. Those are coming up today. Along with other stuff.

I'm going to sort the stuff and take one load to the recycling depot each day this week. I'm so pumped about getting rid of this stuff. The garage floor is a disgusting dirty mess. No worries as once all the stuff is out or mostly out, it won't take long to sweep it and then wash it down.

What's shocking is that that mini transformation took about two hours. Really?? I couldn't find two hours before to clean up that mess?

I know for the neatniks amongst you that this is totally a disaster and how could I let it get that way. I don't know. Those damn hoarding tendencies crept in. Thankfully, I'm taking charge of my brain and not letting it win!

I did keep a couple of boxes for shipping things. They are neatly stacked on some of the shelving that we had installed a couple of years ago. Along with our beer store recycling. Don't ask! Did you notice that there's even empty space on the top shelf? We might need that later but for the moment, it's empty space.

Storage shelves are neat and tidy

After the tires left, I was feeling great and I got to work sewing. The borders for this Kimberbell quilt (Jingle all the Way) were cut and needed to be sewn together and added to the quilt. Both borders are now on the quilt. I did find a backing for it. That system is working so well - I'm super excited about it. Imagine how fun it is to walk up to the shelving and quickly scan the items (without moving anything) and within seconds, find a piece of backing fabric that's appropriate. I do need to find something for the binding as I didn't have enough of either fabric used in the borders.

Borders are on the quilt

As I was poking through several closets this morning, I came across two more big pieces of fabric that can be used for backings. They'll get measured and added to the shelving later today. I know there are a lot more large pieces in those baskets of fabric and as space is made on the backing shelving, those pieces will get moved.

Two more large pieces of fabric suitable for backings

The more that I do this tidying, the more that I want to get rid of stuff. It's so freeing. I knew it would be, but somehow, my brain was wired to not let it go. The shed and the garage have been fairly easy. I know the tough part will come when I hit the boxes in the office. I was chatting with one of the ladies at sewing and she said that I probably don't need anything in the boxes. I know that. I truly know in my heart that I won't keep much of what's in the boxes, but I have to go through them. Don't ask me why - I just do.

Hey - when I was a kid and my Mom used to can Saskatoon berries. When we ate them during the winter, I would eat four at a time. Not three, not five, but four on my spoon EVERY TIME. It was a crisis (in my mind when the number didn't work out at the end). There's some wiring not quite right in my brain!!!!  So I'll go through the boxes of paper. I'm just hoping that I can go through them fast!! That's going to be my goal - go through them, but go fast!

I can't wait for the end result! For the moment, I'm sneaking in an hour a day to get that garage in order. And it's so doable and I haven't even called the junk people yet!

Speaking of knitting, I found this article about a rebel knitter. She's 104 years old.

Here's a challenge for you - what can you do with ONE HOUR devoted to decluttering in your house???  If you dare, send me a before and after. I'd be happy to post the pictures!!!!  Here's my e-mail. 

On that note, I'm out of here!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Oh the dishcloth decrease. It happens to me every time and I have made many hundreds of these (my no-brainer sitting project). I find it frustrating that it never looks as good as the increase and I've not yet figured out WHY! :-(

    Congrats on the declutter. Isn't it grand? :-D

    1. Elle -- the decluttering is GRAND!!!! AS for the decrease - I think the trick is to KNIT ONE stitch before knitting two together!!!